About PinMart

Established in the year 1964, PinMart first started as "Creative House" under Creative House Promotions, Inc. Most of the products that they sell before were notable promotions such as the Marvel Mini Books which were published in the year 1966. Thirty five years later after Creative House was being launched, they decided to create the PinMart brand in the year 1999 which was dedicated to sell lapel pins through the use of the Internet. Now, PinMart has been well known to sell lapel pins that are custom designed to special ordered ones and a wide variety of other products, Make use of Pinmart Coupons and Coupon codes to save money on your purchase.


PinMart Products

During the launch of the online store in October 1999, the store only has 42 stock lapel pins to offer its customers. Aside from that, they only have five different styles to use for custom made lapel pin processes in order to make any pins that are special orders. you can avail the discounted price with Pinmart coupon.

From then on, the store has added various products into their store lines and has collaborated with other production facilities not just in the USA but even in Mexico as well as in China. Today, PinMart has significantly grown. From high quality lapel pins, their products now range from fine emblems such as the following:

• Awareness calendars

• Embroidered patches

• Made to order custom pins

• Medical and nursing pins

• Recognition collection items

• Stock and custom lanyards

• Stock pins

The store has also invested in building new facilities and using different technology to ensure that their emblem products meet only the highest standards for customer satisfaction. With their strict regulation in quality control, PinMart makes sure that all their products are safe to use, free from lead -- unless otherwise stated -- and are perfect down to the smallest detail in design as well as the manufacturing process.


Shipping and Delivery Policies

PinMart provides a variety of options for both domestic as well as international shipping. They mainly use UPS with shipping and delivery days varying from 1 to 7 days for domestic deliveries and 2 to 10days for international deliveries. You can also take advantage of PinMart promo code so as to make a saving on the purchases. 

Shipping fees may vary depending on the checked out items. PinMart also determines their free shipping policy together with product savings from coupon codes such as those which are found on coupontopay.com.


Return and Exchange

For any returns and product exchanges, PinMart is open to both within 30 days of receiving the problem. However, customer must remember that the product should remain in its original packaging. PinMart should also be contacted first for any return or exchange so that you can be provided with a return authorization number and refund. You can give them a call at 1.877.746.6278 prior to sending back the item.


Customer Support Review

Here is what customers are saying about PinMart’s support service:

• amazing customer service

• efficient, polite, and very friendly staff members

• orders are handled in the most expeditious manner

• very helpful customer service

• very pleased with the product quality as well as the service

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