Finding SuperCloset Coupon Codes

Also known as SuperPonics, SuperCloset is a 100% accredited BBB business that has surpassed all others in the hydroponics field. As the top manufacturer of Grow Boxes and hydroponic grow systems all over the world, SuperCloset has innovated in ways no other company has. Their designs have won numerous awards, building upon systems that were originally very successful. With their dedication to spreading hydroponically grown foods, herbs, and other sustainable goods, SuperCloset helps to support the environment and individual health, Make use of SuperCloset Coupons and coupon codes to save money on your purchase.

Finding SuperCloset Coupon Codes 

Finding the best SuperCloset coupon will ensure you get a great deal on any grow boxes you decide to purchase. Some of the most popular deals include $400 off LED superstar grow bodes, 9% off their unique Bluelab Guardian Monitor system, and the ability to receive free ozonators if you refer friends to the site. Additionally, SuperCloset donates 5% to your favorite cause when you buy online. Other coupons include $500 off Trinity 3.0 LED grow boxes, 14% off 9X9 LED Superrroom LED Grow kits, and $44 off Gorilla grow tents (at 4' X 4').  

Company Philosophy 

Created by CEO Kip Andersen in 2002, SuperCloset is the Hydroponic industry's leading manufacturer, supporting indoor gardening communities around the world. Their crew, who is well-trained and highly seasoned, works 24/7 to ensure that cabinets and grow boxes that come from the company are the highest quality possible. They won the 2008 Best Cabinet of the Year award, as well as the Best Budget Grow Box Award in 2010. The company works individually with all customers, making sure that everyone's needs are met with premium efficiency and effectiveness.  

Goals and Sustainable Production 

The company's goals include sustainable food supply production through the use of SuperPonics and rooftop farming. Using their grow boxes, you can grow indoors, supporting sustainable vegetable, fruit, herb, and spice growth, as well as supplies for local farmer’s markets, restaurants, grocery stores, and greenhouses.

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