About Assault Fitness Products

Assault Fitness Products: Where Fitness is Attainable written by: cuchingching Assault Fitness Products is the daughter company of LifeCORE Fitness, Inc., a family-owned company that manufactures and distributes cardio fitness equipment. The company started in 1994, diving into the fitness retail industry in Vista, California. Now, they are one of the top providers of durable and effective fitness equipment for professional athletes, people who want to acquire a fit body, and those people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. you can avail the discounted price with Assault Fitness Products coupon Code.


Product Lines

The main product of Assault Fitness is the Assault Air Bike. This is specially designed by fitness coaches and athletes who also tested them out, making sure that the product provides the satisfaction that every pro is craving for. Why is it called an air bike? Because it's front wheel is actually a fan. The wind resistance concept of this bike has been around for years but only Assault was able to incorporate a design so good, it actually works. The great thing about this bike is that almost every part is adjustable. This makes it an easy product to use, no matter the level of fitness you are capable of. It has thick, reinforced handle bars, a programmable console that allows you to choose from eight different options, a fully adjustable seat to help you find the best and most comfortable seating position, and a turbo fan made of 27-inch steel strong enough to withstand unlimited resistance and usage. The Assault bike is also amde of the most durable of materials, such as the robust sealed cartridge bearings used in almost every pivot point and the forged cro-moly cranks built to make the bike durable and sturdy. It is easy to assemble but may require some help in lifting as it weighs 119 lbs. packaged and a little less when assembled. The bike is strong enough to accommodate up to 350 lbs. of weight. You can also take advantage of Assault Fitness Products coupon so as to make a saving on the purchases. 



Assault Fitness also created an accessory that can be beneficial to people who use the Assault Air Bike. The Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap or HRM chest strap is a special kind of small device that is strapped across the chest to monitor a person's heart rate. This is great for people who want to make sure they are not going overboard and to maintain a healthy heart rate while working hard on the bike. This, however is an optional tool. You may purchase it along with the bike or choose to get another one, if you prefer. Make use of Assault Fitness Products Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Training Zone

The training zone is a set of workouts that Assault Fitness has created for use with the Assault Air Bike. They have several sets available to match the type of workout and fitness discipline you are more interested on or comfortable with. Some of the training routines they offer is the Air Bike Tabata training, HIIT or High Intensity interval training, strength and conditioning, weight loss training, and endurance training. If any of these workouts are not appropriate for you and you have something specific in mind, Assault Fitness is open to suggestions. Just let them know about what you are looking for and they are more than willing to add it to their list.



The fitness product being offered by Assault Fitness is something they believe would truly benefit a lot of people. For this reason, they made sure that everyone would be able to have the opportunity to own one. In partnership with ILS, Assault Fitness is offering a financing plan that provides customers with an alternative payment plan that are tailored to their specific needs.


Shipping and Delivery

For Assault Air Bike orders, once your order has been placed and received, it is immediately processed so you may receive it within 24 to 72 hours. This, however, is not guaranteed as some factors, such as holidays and weekends, location, weather, and travel situation, could cause some delay. Once the order leaves the warehouse, an email confirmation regarding the shipment shall be sent to the customer. This will include details about the freight company, the tracking number, and any instruction that needs to be provided to the customer.


Returns and exchange policy

Any returns must be approved by the company first before it can be processed. The product must be returned in its original packaging, in an unused condition, and on a pallet. If not, a 20% restocking charge will be applied. For refusal of delivery or incorrect mailing address, the customer must shoulder all expenses incurred by the company.


Review about customer support

As per customer reviews, they have been tremendously satisfied with the product and customer service provided by the company. They have mentioned about how fast shipping was, how the product came in excellent condition, how effective it was, and how responsive and helpful their customer representatives are.

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