Review of is one of the newest companies to provide the easiest technology for connecting all your photos at the same time. If you have a number of devices such as phones, cameras, USB sticks, and computers with your photos spread out across all devices, you can simply use Bevy to make your life easier. Bevy ensures you simply use one device and one account to keep all your photos together at the same time. 


How Bevy Works 

Bevy lets you just plug in a basic external USB and then it takes care of the rest. For off-site backups, the company includes secure encrypted cloud backups. Your photos are safe and protected. With Bevy, your family's original photos are taken care of in one place within your home, with no need to worry about where they are or if the serve they're hosted on will suddenly go out of business.  



To use Bevy, simply install the app and connect Bevy to your home network. You won't need any accounts or passwords -- and it supports all types of Wi-Fi as well as wired Ethernet. You simply connect the device to your TV, and you can watch all your photos right there in the comfort of your home, Well you use Coupon Codes And Coupons for better discount.


Upload Photos from Any Device  

You can upload photos from phones, tablets, or any other device wirelessly and auto upload or manually upload them. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and you can also directly add pictures from USB and SD cards. The device will auto organize the photo album by the time each photo was created -- and you can mark Favorites and design your own Albums. 


Family Photos for Everyone to Enjoy  

Now, everyone can enjoy, find, and share images to social networks, or through email and text with only a few taps through The company's unique Guest and Family access protection makes sure that guests can see photos but only family users will be able to make changes.

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