About CupShe

CUPSHE INTERNATIONAL INC. is your premier shop when it comes to online shopping. The online fashion retailer targets women and offers a wide range of clothing and accessories. Since establishment, the firm’s goal has been to provide quality and affordable fashion and beauty accessories. With office locations in USA, Canada, and UK, the retailer is known for its Factory-Direct low pricing, credibility, and customer-friendly services. You can also take advantage of Cupshe promo code so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


Products Lines of CupShe

Cupshe understands that every woman wants to look beautiful, elegant, and stylish. The online fashion retailer is also aware that each woman is unique and what may be best for one isn’t necessary suitable for another. To ensure a customer/client finds the right product, CUPSHE offers a broad line of products falling under clothing and accessories. All the items are suited for all types of women –young, mature, petite, average, conservative, outgoing and more. you can avail the discounted price with Cupshe coupons.

Some of the clothing items include swimwear, rompers, dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans, sweaters, pants, set, sweatshirts, coats, pants, and more. Fashion accessories consist of hats, tights, socks, scarves, and jewelry. You will also find different kinds of gift items. To find out more about the products, as well as shipping, simply visit the company website cupshe or send an email, service@cupshe.zendesk.com to their customer service. 


Shipping and Delivery 

CupShe delivers their products to different locations. The time taken for you to receive the product consists of the processing time plus shipping time. Usually, the processing time takes between 1 and 8 days depending on order and other technicalities. Shipping Time falls under First Class USPS ( takes between 12 and31 Days)and is free for US customers), JCEX Shipping (takes about 13 days via USPS), and Fast Express Service(DHL or UPS and takes between 9 and 16 days. Make use of Cupshe Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Returns and Exchange Policy 

Cupshe returns and exchange policy are as follows:

-Exchange: items shipped back to the warehouse within 30 days after receipt will be exchanged upon acceptance.

- Return and Refund: In case you don’t find a suitable item to exchange the returned item you are eligible for refunds ranging from 60 to 100%.

- Return Policy: Items should be returned within30 days after receiving them, they should not have been washed, worn, or the label removed. Also, reasons for returning should be wrong color, wrong size, or poor quality.  


CupShe Customer Support 

Many customers appreciate the fast shipping offered especially when you select the Fast Express Service option via DHL or UPS which on average takes 10 days. Good online support is also another plus for Cupshe.com, the customer care is quick to listen to customer queries, guide them on making purchase, and also solving any issues. It doesn’t matter whether it is an exchange, return, or refund. Many buyers are quite happy with the 24-hour online shopping where you can place your order whenever and from wherever and expect it to be addressed soonest possible. 

In line to helping customers find the latest and trendiest clothing and accessories, CUPSHE INTERNATIONAL Inc. regularly updates its stock. It also notifies the customers once they have new arrivals. And to help you save money while shopping online, you can avail the discounted price with Cupshe Coupons. The more coupons you have the more savings you make. 

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