Direct Screening Reviews

Do you want to learn more about your potential employee? Or do you want to make sure that the company you are eyeing at is of good standing? If you want to learn more about a person or a business, background check is highly necessary. Direct Screening is your partner in providing accurate criminal background information whether for personal or business purpose. It provides up to date and precise information through a systematic and comprehensive process. you can avail the discounted price with Direct Screening coupon Code.


Direct Screening Services

The Company directscreening.comprovides various services such as National Background Check, State Background Check, and Social Security Number Report. Because you have different search needs, the company offers various services to cater for your exact need. There is also an option for enhanced search services. This option allows you to combine different search services. The background checks are created using a thorough search in their public database with information coming from all the different states. As Direct Screening has over 480 million on their records, it is almost impossible not to find what you are looking for. What is even more attractive is the fact that you need only a few information to get the search started. With just a name and date of birth at hand, you can already start an investigatory search. You can acquire valuable information such as address history, personal data, and even phone numbers of the person or business you are searching for. You can get all the information available on the database for your particular search. The company then provides you with a user friendly report that is easy to understand. You don’t need to have an investigative background to be able to comprehend what are presented in the reports. You can also take advantage of Direct Screening coupon so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


Customer Support and Discounts

What sets direct Screening apart from other background check services is its reliable and on time customer support. While the reports are easy to grasp, customers’ questions are still inevitable. Good thing is that there is an easy way to contact the company. It can be done through their website. Response can be expected within 24 hours. Make use of Direct Screening Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.

As for the price of the services, discounts are available. The company offers volume discounts. If you are going to make a number of searches, you will get a lower price for the services. There are also Direct Screening coupons which you can use to get a discounted rate for the services. Websites like offer this kind of discount coupons. You can do a quick search for coupons first prior to availing the services. This way, you can save a lot.

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