About eBoundHost

eBoundHost sets itself apart from other hosting services because it focuses on customer service and reliability. It offers a solution that let businesses grow. Its cloud hosting services are fully managed and its customer service is the best. The company accepts new and migrated business to its hosting service and relates to the customer through actual phone calls instead of automated prompts. The hosting packages offered by eboundhost.com are affordable for all business sizes. Avail discounts with eBoundHost Coupons and eBoundHost Coupon Codes.


eBoundHost Hosting packages

eBoundHost has the best offer on its packages compared to the offers from the competition. the key ones are file server management, backup, cPanel, 5GB ram, 4 real cores of CPU, 200GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, all at an affordable and very competitive price that is significantly lower than what the competition is offering. In fact, for the price of one package from the competition, with fewer RAM offers, you can get an equivalent of 5 or 6 superior service packages from eBoundHost. Make use of eBoundHost Coupons and Coupon code to save money on your purchase. Hosting at eBoundHost is fully managed with high-level technical experts offering the design architecture of the hardware and cooling systems to guarantee reliability. High-level service guarantees are available on cloud VPS, Classic Hosting, Cloud Platform, Domain Name and SSL Certificate offers.


eBoundHost Reseller

eboundHost aims to maximize its in-house resources. It has web hosting reseller plans for clients with support for coupons. Eboundhost offers reseller services. Customers and non-customers are able to sign up for the service. Reseller options allow a customer to choose several packages from eboundHost and sale them to new clients. Reselling offers a good option for making additional money. Resellers enjoy the excellent customer service that is also available to regular clients. There is no need to invest in additional IT staffs. If you are going to become a reseller with eboundhost.com, focus on the managed cloud VPS for its simplicity and excellent up-time guarantee to customers. Offers on domain registration, transfer and hosting are also included on the reseller package.


Choosing eBoundHost

Choosing eBoundHost is a no-brainer. Great prices, great packages and reliable performance for all service categories are the key reasons for choosing the hosting service. It has a genuine aim to support and grow its customer’s business. It has professional IT staffs to offer customer service and technical assistance. Moreover, the packages on offer such managed cloud VPS have high service-level guarantees. Eboundhost has gone a step further to offer reseller options and to simply the signup process for new clients.


eBoundHost Customer Support

The customer service at eBoundHost is excellent. The turnaround period on inquires is short. Technical support is available 24/7 and is knowledgeable enough to meet every client needs. When customers call, they interact with a real person instead of a robot. Support staffs actually ask a relevant question about each hosting package that a client buys or already uses. Many current customers already praise the customer service. They run their business with smiles and an enthusiastic vibe. This is because every encounter with eboundHost has been pleasant and well worth their time and money. Lastly, standards of customer care at eboundHost have remained high as the number of clients increased.

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