About Audiobook.com

Audiobooks.com is an audio service whose primary aim is helping people, especially those who fancy reading to get the chance of listening to their preferred authors. You can listen to the audio book on any digital device from any place, be it the gym, at work or even when on vacation. For only 25 dollars per month, clients can get unrestricted access to a wide range of audiobooks, and listening is done by simply streaming the preferred book. Avail discounts with Audiobooks.com Promo Code and Audiobooks.com Coupon.


Product Lines of Audiobooks.com

The store has top newly released books, at least 10,000 best sellers and not forgetting the classic favorites. There are about 25 genres of books written by a wide range of authors, with the library containing about 25,000 titles. While some genres are quite well stocked, some are somehow light. Mystery genre has the most books while European History has the least. Other notable genres you can find include Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy, business and Horror. Shakespeare plays, children books and literary biographies are other product lines present. Generally, the book collection is pretty sizable with a majority of the books having genre tags. You can easily sort the books based on author, recently added, publication date, highest rated, book title (Z-A) or book title (A-Z). Make use of Audiobooks.com Coupon and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Special offers at Audiobooks.com

There is a 7-day free trial offer that doesn’t require code entry. - 7 day free trial upon sign up and retrieval of the necessary code -Signing up for a trial helps you get a code for a free audiobook. -When you sign up for the store’s email list, you get regular updates on exclusive offers and other news. You can also take advantage of Audiobooks.com Coupon codes so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


How to use AudioBooks.com

Navigating audiobooks.com is quite easy. You only need to click a button to begin listening to your book of interest. A small window will open on your computer or mobile device. Other options available include pausing, playing, adjusting the volume and adding a bookmark. You can easily pick up from the point you left since the website will remember.


Audiobooks.com Customer Support

When you submit a query through the email form provided by Audiobooks.com, their representative often gets back to you within a day. This is a quick turnaround, considering the fact that it is an email-based form of help. It is also worth noting that the site has a provision for its customer service’s phone number. You can easily reach them any day of the week from 8 in the morning to 8.00 P.M. EDT. Generally, the store has a supportive, responsive and friendly customer service. The service representatives are not only professional but also skilled when dealing and addressing any questions raised by clients.

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