BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Are You Looking for Bright Clear Screen in Your Monitor

Many people have PCs at home. An important purpose of having a system at home is to use it for watching movies, sports, and news in the PC with the help of a good monitor. The market is huge, and people using old monitors want upgrades with the innovative technologies being brought by reputed companies in the electronics field. Benq is one such player making 24 inches led lit screen.

It is well and good buying a monitor of any brand without realizing what technologies companies use in their monitors. Hold on, if you do a little research on technology aspects, you can take an appropriate decision which you will never forget. Yes, your concern should be better imaging quality and comfortable viewing for extended hours of work or play. If this is your concern, then you have every reason to consider Benq.

Benq has built its reputation for its featured products like Benq Projector, Benq refurbished monitors, Benq refurbished home theater projectors, etc. You can read about them in many reviews.

Check for Technology Features

Top brands have something to showcase as brand differentiation. Let us see what Benq has to display before customers who want to buy monitors. The company says its monitors have improved resolution, faster response time, and quicker refresh rates. Benq’s exclusive Revolution Eyes technologies like BenQ's ZeroFlicker, a slim bezel design, Low Blue Light, and purpose-built color modes give free viewing and added power savings with its Eco mode feature. This ZeroFlicker technology avoids flickering at all brightness levels compared to traditional LED monitors which use on/off backlighting methods. Who will not like features like minor power consumption and enhanced viewing? If you like these two features, then there are enough reasons to consider Benq monitor.

Do You Want Enhanced Viewing Experience

While buying a new Benq 24 inch Monitor or a Benq Gaming Monitor, a savvy buyer will expect improved viewing experience. BenQ's has the technology for that. Their new Low Blue Light technology automatically reduces blue light output from 30-70% output depending on the mode you select like multimedia 30%, reading 70%, and web surfing 50%. While buying a product like a monitor, you need to have an understanding of the best viewing experience. Benq has clarity on this expectation of informed customers. Every buyer should have an understanding of high viewing experience to buy the best gaming monitor.

Opt for Least Eye Discomfort

If eye discomfort is your problem, then you need to be choosy about the buying the monitor. If you are a new buyer to products like a monitor, you need to understand on adjusting the monitor's color temperature, brightness, and sharpness. As Benq monitor comes with the technology called Purpose-Built Color Modes Optimized for Reading, that helps you reduce the eye discomfort that normally occurs due to prolonged viewing. If organizations are conscious of their employees’ health, then it is important that they should buy monitors that can ensure least eye discomfort.

The Bottom line

Lastly, both organizations and individual users should be conscious about power saving. Minimal power consumption is another feature of Benq monitor. Expert reviewers say GL2460HN has used 15 watts of power during testing while set to the Standard picture mode and 13 watts while setting to the Eco mode. The product is available for $116.50. In the 1443 reviews appeared on Amazon, 70% or reviewers are offering 5-stars rating to Benq. It has excellent looks; you will love it. The reviews testify about the solid adjustable stand that is not at all wobbly.

Benq monitors are available for sale online. Go through a few BenQ projector reviews. Some coupon sites are offering Benq discount code, Benq coupon, and Benq promo code for all buyers. So, the bottom line is, if you are in want of a PC monitor prefer Benq that has excellent features for your personal and psychological satisfaction.