Better World Books is an online store that utilizes the digital platform to educate millions of people by providing them with millions of titles. The company was formed in 2002 by three graduates of the university of Notre Dame, who wanted to get rid of books that piled up in their rooms. The three friends opted to start selling the books online and ended up establishing a groundbreaking venture that up to today houses over 8 million new and used titles, You can also take advantage of Better World books Coupon Code so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


Products and Gift Certificates at Better World Books

The store inspires a new breath of life to the world by providing access to resourceful books around the world. They partner with libraries and college campuses to collect used books and avail them in their online store. Additionally, they also collect the most prolific titles in the world and avail them for sale. Their quest to eradicate illiteracy is unparalleled. They have partnered with other programs such as Book for Africa and Room to Read to donate millions of books to various individuals around the world, you can avail the discounted price with Better World books Coupons.

The store also offers an incentive where individuals can help fight illiteracy by sending gifts of literacy to their peers. You just need to pay for the gift certificate and get it e-mailed straight to you. You can then decide to print it and send it to your friend or just forward it to them. Make use of Better World books  Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Shipping and Delivery at Better World Books

The company offers shipment in domestic and international states. Shipment time varies with your location and is contingent on whether your items are shipped by independent sellers or not. Log on to to have a comprehensive view of their shipping rates whether in the domestic or international market. Return and Exchange policy 

The store offers a return and exchange policy within 60 days after purchase. You just need to package the book and send it back to them. The return package should have a short note that has your order number explaining why you sent it back. New books being returned should be unused. Once they receive your return, a refund is made to the account used to make the order. 


Free Shipping Policy at Better World Books

The company ships books in the domestic or international market for customers who are willing to wait for a longer time. You must give 1-2 days for order fulfillment and then wait for the standard shipment time. The normal waiting time, however, varies with where you are.


Positive Review and Customer Support 

Better World Books is a top notch distributor of online reading material. When you sign to sell your books, you get a dedicated account representative and undivided attention of the entire partnership department who will manage, sort and sell your books online.

The store enjoys Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. This means that the company meets the BBB set standards such as their commitment to solving any customer complaints in good faith relentlessly. BBB has determined that the company is competent in it service provision.

Better World Books have a great contribution to eradicating illiteracy through their various book donations. Furthermore, they value their customers, and that is the main reason as to why they offer the best customer service, prices, selection and overall customer experience. They also play a significant role in preserving the eco-system by rescuing books that essentially end up in landfills and use them as money generating tools. 

Better World Books believe in quality service delivery. According to Bonie D. who is their regular customer, their services are never disappointing. You order cheap books with no shipping costs and sometimes you expect tattered books that are in a bad condition, but to you are surprised to get books that live up to the stated condition. they team of specialist are swift to attend to any queries especially those related to ordering and shipment.  

Their website is reliable and has honest books description. The book’s description on their site depicts them as being reliable and honest. They don’t exaggerate on the status or nature of the many books on their site. They provide clients with a truthful opinion and leave them to decide whether they want to buy old or new books. 

They offer vast variety of books which are unavailable in most local bookstores. One Jess L. from Denmark says she was reluctant to make a purchase after reading so many negative reviews, but since this is the only place she found the book that she was looking for; she had to give it a shot. She was nervously waiting for a confirmation email on her book dispatcher, but she felt relieved when the email came on the third day and contrary to the negative reviews that says that Better World Book’s shipping takes months, her book arrived in the 10th day. 

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