BOXED the Online Store Review

Routine grocery shopping is one of top tasks on everyone's to-do lists, and mostly it's the least favorite because of the hassle involved in going to the local stores and carrying heavy shopping loads. Now, there is a innovative solution to this long standing problem, a website called has made it possible to get all your grocery items delivered timely to your doorstep which ensures a stress free shopping experience for the customers. And that's not all, Boxed delivers in huge quantities and offers wholesale prices and discounts similar to big membership clubs and that too at without any membership fee. you can avail the discounted price with BOXED coupon Code.

Overview: The website provides an end to end service of delivering grocery products in bulk at the customer's doorstep; they offer attractive wholesale prices and usually keep their prices quite low. Boxed also offers free shipping for every first order placed on their website or app and mostly they cover the shipping charges depending on the delivery location. There is a minimum order amount of $50 to $80 to avail the free-delivery option which differs state to state. Make use of BOXED promo code to save money on your purchase.

Besides groceries, Boxed has also got products in categories like Beverages, Cleaning Supplies, Home and Office Tools and Stationery, Body care and Personal Items, Pet items and even great discounts on baby items like diapers and nutritional products. The delivery system is also quite sophisticated as it gets the products delivered between 1 to 3 days after placing the order. 


Typical Situations for Using 

While planning a lunch or dinner party : Planning social or family gatherings can be very stressful and time consuming, but now you can save some of your precious time and possibly some money too by using the flawless doorstep delivery service from Just Shop at the online store or from the smartphones app and place an order for all the items you will need for the party like Poultry, Meat, Rice, Vegetables, Etc.

Ordering Wine: Gifting wine has been a tradition everywhere in the world, you can choose from a huge variety of exquisite wines at the boxed online wine store.

Stocking Up: People with huge families and mostly kids always stock up on their groceries, carrying the 2 weeks groceries for an active household can be quite difficult. Now you can order from the convenience of your homes and even get all the items that you need to stock up delivered right at your doorstep.

Big Discounts: If you are looking for big discounts on your day to day products, Boxed is the perfect shopping site for you. The online store offers discounts ranging from 10 to 50 % on everything right from Garbage bags, toilet paper, cleaners, snacks, confectionery and even soaps and beauty products. You can also take advantage of BOXED coupon so as to make a saving on the purchases.


Customer Experiences:

- People have enjoyed great offers and discounts price on, for example a big pack of Zip-locked Sandwich Bags costs only $9 after discount and the same is available for $17 on other websites.  

- Similarly, people who shop anywhere between $100 to $150 on groceries have saved as much as 35% of their money by using 

- There are huge discounts on personal care items shampoos, toothpastes and a variety of other grooming items, on an average the prices are 25 to 30 percent lower compared to other online stores. 

- Customers have admitted that the service provided by is better than most membership clubs and does not charge any membership fee. 

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