About Carbonite

If you want to keep your important data files safe and protected online then carbonite.com can be the best service for you. Main aim of this service is to protect your files as everlasting fictional files with their own names. The review of this website given here under will help you to know more about this service. you can avail the discounted price with carbonite coupon.


Services offered by Carbonite 

Carbonite offers the service protecting important data files so that they can be recovered easily whenever required. They offer this service at a very reasonable price. They serve businesses as well as individual with equal excellence. You can get unlimited storage space at this website at the rate of just $50 per year. Carbonite has made the process of getting back up of the online files easy so that it can be used even by a layman. The clean interface and simple strategies of this website have helped in making the things possible as per its aim. Make use of carbonite Coupon and Promo code to save money on your purchase.


Configuration and Installation Cabonite 

Installation of carbonite.com was made simple from the very beginning due to its 3 megabyte lightweight configuration. While installing this service you can choose to manage its encryption keys which can be operated even by non-technical individuals or create your own keys. But there is a risk of losing your files forever if you choose later options and forget your keys. In this way Carbonite offers an absolutely private and secure option of keeping your files safe as your data with them cannot be unlocked by any third party, if the keys are managed by them. But in that case also you will have to keep the password safe so that it can be restored in any untoward condition.  


Working of Carbonite 

You are told through audio instruction of the Carbonite about the type of data you want to save with them. You can choose the data to be stored yourself including email files and the files in My Documents on your desktop for which you want a backup.  

Carbonite also explains the method of getting the backup of your data silently in the background, through another voice tutorial, while marking some particular files with dots or working on them. The backed up files are marked with green dots whereas the files awaiting the backup are marked with yellow dots. The files whose backup is not required by you are not marked with any dot. 

The app used for keeping your files safe on the Carbonite, its configuration wizard warns that it may take few days or weeks to get back up for the first time. A lock icon is displayed by Carbonite in your notification area or a tray of your system which turns yellow while uploading your files and green after uploading everything. A tabbed dialog at InfoCentre appears out to double check this icon and view the status and setting options of the tabs for getting support and restoring files. The installation of this service also provides a Virtual Drive to display a tree of index to know about everything you have backed up on it like other backup programs.  

Thus carbonite.com can be the best choice for you if you want to keep your data safe online on its unlimited storage space, to get its backup whenever required. 

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