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Case Mate has been dedicated to making premium accessories smart phones, since 2006 they have been crafting designer cases and accessories which stand out and compliment the looks of the gadgets. People who wish to personalize the look of their phones can find a lot of options including glitters and custom made cases, if you want to make your phone look good you will surely find a lot of fun accessories that can suit your style and blend with your personality. Case Mate also makes wrist bands for some smart watches; the products focus mainly on style and also give special attention to small details. you can avail the discounted price with Case Mate coupon Code.


Store Categories:

At Case Mate you will find a variety of fashion accessories to go with your smartphones, they also offer accessories of Apple and Samsung smart watches. Here are some of the popular categories of product which are available. You can also take advantage of Case Mate coupon so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


Exclusive Apple Cases:

The store offer a wide variety of options for iphones, basic cases like the clean naked apple cases and also some flashy designs like the Brilliance Case and the Karat Case. Apart from these they also offer tough cases available in black and gold, clear, smoke textures and many more.

City Prints: This category sell artistic covers themed on five major cities of America to celebrate the spirit of the most favorite cities, this category features hand painted design made by artist Elizabeth Lamb. Designs include a lot of variety and vivid colors beautiful metallic textures that capture iconic scenes from the cites Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Smart Watch Accessories: They offer a wide range of accessories including designer wrist band for Apple and Samsung Smart Watches, these wrist band look premium and blend well with the gadgets design. There are options like Linked Bands, Champagne, Brilliant Bands, Alligator Bands, and Etc. Apart from these you can also get tough bumper guards for your smart watches in clear and glam textures.

Screen Protectors : These Screen Protectors are made of premium quality glass for popular Apple and Samsung Devices, the screen protectors also come with Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint features and they are quite efficient in protecting your smartphones screen.

The Rebecca Minkoff Collection : The Store also offer a wide line of products design by Rebecca Minkoff, this collection features a lot of fashion accessories to go with your Smartphone. Cases that look like design hand clutches and even power banks that are handy and efficient, and they all look very trendy. Charging wristlets and cases are available which look quite glam and can compliment your clothes at parties.

VR Viewer: This is an Exclusive product made and sold by Case Mate, it will enable you to play your favorite 3D Games, explore some famous landmarks, travel to immersive virtual worlds all from your smart phone. It features a new larger lens which is designed to enhance the VR experience, the 37mm bi-convex also adds to the visual clarity. There are integrated touch buttons which allows interaction with immersive apps, it is easy to assemble and can be folded up again in a few seconds. It is made to be compatible with most Android and iOS smart phones. Make use of Case Mate Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Customer returns:

At Case Mate they offer a very honest and convenient return policy, customer may return any product within 30 days of the date of shipment. Case Mate give full refund of the products and they even offer to exchange your products. Though in the case of customs order and DIY cases the products are non-returnable because they are unique to you. 


Positive review about Customer support

Case Mate offer flawless customer service which can be reach Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm at their toll free number - 866-689-3432 or by email at They have a reviewer program where they take feedback from 10 people each month to review their products, customer have filled in their feedback forms and reported positive experiences with the website.

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