Club W is not like any other wine club out there. Here you have the freedom to personalize your selection, picking what you like, enjoy low prices and receive your subscription on time.

Club W was started in 2011, targeting the model you are used to where, every month, bottles of wine are delivered to your doorstep. Club W goes a notch higher to offer you a unique selection curated to your taste, you can avail the discounted price with Club W coupon.  


Club W goes beyond the monthly wine delivery by doing the following: 

· You choose what types of wines you want, through their fun Palate Profile on by answering a few questions. After that, your wine ratings help them personalize their delivery.

· You will be recommended three bottles of wine or more depending on how many bottles you want. 

· They deliver wine at prices you cannot find anywhere else. This is possible by linking with farmers and vineyards, eliminating brokers.

· They offer wonderful wine education for their clients. You will get instructional material for each wine they make.

· Club W is global wine club, and you are always assured of prompt communication about your orders and when to expect the deliveries, Make a use of Club W coupon Codes and get more discount on your orders. Brands and products 

On Club W, the following are some of the featured wine types: PACIFICANA, ONE FROM THE QUIVER, PYT, AU FUDGE, CAPUCHON, La Forza Super Tuscan, Vinyasa Muscat Canelli, Alchymist Blanc White Blend and more the 44 other brands of wine, You can also take advantage of Club W promo code so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


What makes Club W unique? 

Apart from Club W revolutionizing online wine stores model of service, the store has an edge in the following areas: 

· A bulk of what Club W sells retails at $13 only. When you subscribe to a monthly subscription, you will pay $39 and a flat shipping rate of $6. When you order more than four bottles of wines, the rest will be paid by the store.

· Club W assures their customers a 100 percent satisfaction, as you do not pay for any bottle you do not like.

· Anytime you want to stop a subscription for a month or two; you will have your request processed in time, and when you wish to cancel an order its free with no hassle.

· It is only at Club W you will get personalized wine selection, not even in the grocery store!

· A unique feature with Club W Wine bottles is that they have QR code. You can scan the code with your smartphone to view information about the selection. You learn about the producer, the growing region, and when you are in a rush, there is a video to watch. 


Club W Review 

A enjoys massive positive online reviews. The club has been featured in the Forbes, New York Times and Cosmopolitan. Club W is credited with not just reinventing wine club services but the entire wine industry. Club W scores high for its wines as well as a wine club. Most of its clients recommend them for the following. 


· Personalized wine selection and delivery

· Affordable prices; a bulk of their wines retail at $13 

· Free shipping for over four wine bottles 

· You can skip any month when you so wish

· Free wine education

· Each bottle of wine has additional information about the selection

· You do not pay for any bottle you don't like

· Efficient communication regarding orders and deliveries

· The store is committed to sustainability (they have a carbon efficient supply chain)

· Their packaging is 100 percent compostable, biodegradable and recyclable

· They support winemakers and growers. They have particular attention on organically grown grapes. 

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