Review of CPO Senco

Long considered the best builder for power fasteners and pneumatic equipment, CPO Senco has over sixty years in the industry. The demand for nailers, screw guns, and staplers that are designed to power extremely thorough pneumatic devices and projects is led by this company, You can also take advantage of CPO Senco coupons so as to make a saving on the purchases.


Blazing new trails for the pneumatic industry 

In spite of having blazed new trails already in the pneumatic field, Senco has created an entirely new brand to set the bar even higher with Senco Fusion Technology. This special brand of tools gets rid of fuel cells, hoses, and cords, meaning your pneumatic tools no longer need to be restricted by power supply.  

Powered by special lithium battery systems, Senco tools are sleek and perfectly balance. Thanks to a battery stem that receives at least 80% of its full power in less than fifteen minutes, Senco has redefined what it means to deliver productivity and power on the job, you can avail this product at offer price with CPO Senco promo code.


A variety of tools for your needs 

CPO Senco features a variety of tools, including hand nailers, joist hanger nailers, roofing nailers, fusion nailers, framing and sheeting nailers, and finish nailers. The company also provides cordless tech, combo kits, compressors, and reconditioned tools as well as free shipping over $199.  

With a reputation for craftsmanship and power efficiency, Senco's new Reflex shot mechanism delivers instant triggering for instant shot and no dallying, with up to 500 drives per charge. This is thanks to fusion tech's unique gearbox and lifter combo, forcing the piston and driver blade against a pocket of self-contained, recycled air -- being nitrogen -- within the cylinder. This force compresses the nitrogen, letting it consistently, powerfully drive nails with just one pull of the trigger.  


Power and precision 

Ultimately, CPO Senco delivers the best air pressure powered tools for all pneumatic jobs. No matter what type of project you are working on, Senco has the right tool for your needs.

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