Bulova Men's Stainless Steel Precisionist Chronograph Watch - Review

A man with a premium timepiece is on an equal footing with one in a luxury car. In the banquets of earlier decades, the rich and famous used to flash their watch to gain respect and became the cynosure to the opposite sex. Business tycoons, film celebrities, pop singers, and wealthy executives have a penchant for adorning their wrist with exquisite chronographs.

Branded watches’ is a highly competitive marketing segment with many established players vying for space. Although a mobile phone can rule out the use of a watch, the elite and a growing league of youngsters still opt for a classy watch to adorn their wrists. To many, a branded watch is an ornament, and during important life events, they love to gift or receive owing to its charming powers. Bulova has rightly sensed this undercurrent and offer a classy solution to meet people’s lifestyle psyche. The brand message is precision. Bulova is trying to combine prestige with precision and a stunning tagline ‘get social,' propelling Bulova users to a distinct class.

Precision Edge

Many premium watches are accurate to 15-seconds a month. But Bulova’s Precisionist Chronograph Watch is accurate to 10 seconds a year, beating all existing records. This is due to its unique three-prong crystal producing a vibration frequency of 262.144 kilohertz (kHz). This is eight times higher than the usual two-prong crystal. This key feature gives Bulova the precision edge which is the highest among premium chronograph watch category.

Let us delve in detail into precision aspect. What set Bulova Precisionist Watch apart from other luxury watches are the chronographs dividing seconds into 1/10-seconds, 1/100-seconds, or 1/1,000-seconds.

In fact, the attribute on precision has its testimonies to tell. The U.S. space agency, NASA used Bulova’s all instrument panel clocks and timekeeping mechanisms for space efforts in 46 missions during the mid-1950s to 1970s.

Elegance Quotient

The chronograph watch is made of stainless steel as the name testifies. The watch is elegant with multiple layers of black carbon fiber. Features like a luminous hour and minute hands add beauty to the watch. The watch has a calendar view which gives it a professional look.

When it comes to ornamental value, CALABRIA - AUREO - Gold Chronograph Men's Watch with Carbon Fiber Bezel and Stainless Steel Band 316L comes with stainless steel casing with 7 piece links bracelet. This is water resistant to 100 meters. It has a list price of $1,650.00 and a sale price of $378.98.

It is Sheer Adventure

The company claims the product to be Water resistant up to 300 m (984 ft). For activities like mixed-gas diving, this watch is quite appropriate. Therefore, undersea explorers studying diverse marine