DPCTED Unisex T-Shirts - Review

Why Tees with Slogans Have Many Takers?

There is a saying by management guru Peter F. Drucker, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Today we live in the era of disruptive economics or technology that affects all walks of life. When it comes to fashion, people who want to be trendier create the future fashion with crazy ideas. One such idea is having a funny title for the Tees you wear.

Youngsters are after crazy titles and derive immense fun if there is a lewd element in it. Today, it is not just the designs that make the trend. Spicy content does play a role in capturing the imagination of the public. For example, a title ‘Unisex Chubby Butts Drive Me Nuts’ was sure to be frowned upon by the yesteryear’s generation. But today such titles are highly sought after in a society where loose values have already become acceptable standards.

The Title Should Be Funny

Going further, we can also analyze the reviews and online reputation of Unisex T-shirts. The Custom T-shirts are available in black, blue, green, red, and pink colors. DPCTED has all sizes medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL and more. The product evokes oodles of fun thanks to its bold, funny titles like:

  • Chubby & Tattooed Bearded & Awesome
  • Chubby Girls Cuddle Better
  • Bearded for Her Pleasure
  • Chubby Thighs Make Me Laugh
  • Big Boobed and Awesome
  • Chubby Taken & Heady for Some Fun
  • I love to Shower Naked

What is Your Tantalizing Psyche?

Company’s tagline is ‘Apparel for your tantalizing features.' Let us delve deeper. DPCTED is an expert in marketing as they understood how the young people think in line with loose moral values and how proud they are in expressing it outright. Today, a growing league of women celebrities de undressing and post their images online to create a huge fan following, and they have millions of admirers. It is not a tantalizing feature; it is tantalizing psyche. If carefully analyzed, the promoters of DPCTED have this constituency in mind to market their T-shirts with bold uncouth headings that depict the inner passion or in other words tantalizing psyche of the people.

The t-shirt is a market where thousands of apparel manufacturers are trying to outdo one another through creative ideas. There is no dearth for stunning designs offered by famed brands in the fashion wear segment. Designs are one aspect that attracts people to buy an outerwear. The color is another element. But the way bold expressions are articulated in a subtle way, where deeper passions appear as messages on Tees, DPCTED is well ahead of its competitors in outsmarting tactics. Words have the power to create or destroy anything be it destroying yesterday’s trend or creating new in its place. It is in this aspect, DPCTED has carved its unique niche.

Women can be excited about this T-shirt as the company has individual messages addressed to them like:

  • Thou Shall Get Inked
  • Tattooed and Single
  • You Have Me at Beard
  • Inked and Badass
  • Inked and Brilliant

Customer Impressions

It seems the company is quality conscious also. DPCTED T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and unisex fit (exception pink ladies cut). They have successfully scored 67% of 5-star reviews from Amazon.com. One customer responded that the messages are funny and crazy as he got several compliments from wearing it. DPCTED shirts come with coupons and discounts. Some coupon sites are offering 50% off during a particular season. If you are serious about purchase avail maximum discounts.


Finally, it is a verdict for the first time users to express their inner self with DPCTED T-Shirts. Have you tried the product earlier? Then your search should be for a unique message befitting your untamed imaginations. If you appear serious, you can reveal your humor side with funny words. College students, Gen Z generation working as executives, and women who want to be bold and beautiful can wear this. One thing is sure, the messages scripted on your freaky tees are sure to trigger discussions in your social spheres.