BOSU balance trainer at Review

The BOSU balance trainer (BOSU standing for "both sides utilized" or "both sides up") is a fitness and exercise device invented by David Weck in 1999.

The story of BOSU is that pro athletes (football players especially) were using body stability balls for training purposes but kept injuring themselves due to the instability of the ball. I believe they were trying to do squats on them. So Weck created what looks like a half stability ball. This way standing balance exercises can be performed with enough stability, but also flipping the ball over (ball down) creates an unstable platform that can be used to take your strength exercises up a notch by having to stabilize yourself in addition to the basic exercise itself, You can avail the discounted price with eSportsonline coupon Code.

I recently had the privilege of working more with the BOSU and learning a lot about this awesome device. After having designed many programs (especially sport specific) around the BOSU I don't think I could ever live without one again.

Here are some great exercises to start with on the BOSU:


Body Weight Squats.

Lunges with just one foot on the center.

Stand in front of the BOSU with a medicine ball overhead and squat right down until your butt touches the BOSU then push back up.

Side squats, travel over the ball in to a side squat on the other side.

Steps ups with weights. Push-ups.

(Modified or full) Lots of crunch variations for the abs BALL DOWN

Push-ups. These pretty much rule. Not only are you doing a push up with all its benefits but having stabilize yourself works your core really well!

Squats and lunges (much harder than "ball up")

Hamstring Tilts- On ones back put both of the feet in the center of the platform. Raise your pelvis. Now tilt the ball toward you and back. This targets the hamstrings and core, You can also take advantage of eSportsonline promo code so as to make a saving on the purchases. 



The BOSU isn't ALL you need to lose weight or get a fabulous physique but it's definitely something to consider if you need a new fitness toy to motivate you, or you need to try something different to break plateaus.

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