Harman Lifestyle Audio Solutions - Review

Proof of Good Music is in the Listening

As technology offers diverse entertainment solutions people with interests in music ensures that they have the best car audio. In the cars, they consider as second homes people want to have excellent music system and quality speakers. While the fondness is going in this direction, branded companies in the entertainment segment offer audio and connected car systems. Harman is a popular manufacturer of a music system for automakers, businesses, and customers worldwide. Harman has been in existence since 1980.

Check Reputation of Speakers

Several brands offer audio solutions. Is there anything that makes Harman special? Buyers need answers for that question. You may be an individual user of speakers, or you may be an automaker who wants to provide the best car accessories. Now you want to purchase the best car speakers. In luxury cars, people are expecting premium sound features while they are driving. It is at this stage we need to check what most of the automobile companies buy. According to reports, more than 25 million automobiles on the road today have installed Harman audio and infotainment systems. This accounts for 35 percent of the world’s cars market. Yes, this is an interesting finding for aspiring car speaker buyers to consider buying Harman Kardon Car Audio. Having arrived at this point, it is essential to go into the specifics of their technology.

Gain Insights on Room Correction Technology

One technology used by this company is Dirac Live Digital Speaker and Room Correction technology. Wrong positioning of loudspeakers can lead to poor impulse response from speakers. On the contrary, wrong positioning can lead to different impulse responses from different speakers. It is in this area, Harman did an excellent gap analysis and offered Dirac Live that does the impulse response correction job. This addresses the problem areas like unstable stereo imaging, uneven bass, and different performance across seats. The crux here is one should have the understanding of correct positioning of speakers and getting even bass, treble, and voice.

Create Better Listening Environment

Well, we have sorted out positioning issue. Now our concern is how to create a favorite listening environment. A good speaker should have quality surround sound for the passengers. Application of algorithms and getting the effect of virtual speakers can create an interesting listening environment. Keeping these in mind, Harman is offering a technology called Dirac Dimensions that uses sophisticated algorithms and “virtual” speakers giving the passengers on all seats a fully immersive listening experience. According to company’s claim, this technology offers 5.1 listening experience for all passengers in the car. If your criterion to buy a speaker is surround sound in all seats, you have every reason to consider connected car audio products from Harman.

The Bottom line

Yes, top technology matters for your car. You may be a new buyer of the car, and in that case, you need to ensure that your car should have the features mentioned above. Otherwise, you will face the problem of uneven music that can create a disinterest towards listening to music. If you love your car give the best speakers that have the connected technology. And if you are an audiophile, you have every reason to purchase a branded speaker from Harman store for your entertainment.