InVite Health Review

Today if you are looking for a store where you can buy dietary and vitamin supplements, you can get confused easily, as they are many similar online stores. But you just have to go beyond their face value to identify the best. After various reviews we finally have the best store offering supplements and vitamins; Invite Health Invite health is a wellness and health brand, focusing on three areas. They include nutritional education, vitamin and supplement products and a retail store for their products. Invite Health prides itself on having the best team, who include; nutritionists, pharmacists, and healthcare experts, you can avail the discounted price with InVite Health coupon code.


Product line

Invite health has grown over the past 25 years and today it has above one thousand products. Currently, the store offers four categories of products

· Vitamins

· Supplements

· Skin and beauty products

· Natural health solution

Invite health is fulfilling a gap, which for long has been assumed. This is after identifying that it is almost impossible to meet all the required nutritional needs in a single meal. To fulfill this gap, Invite health makes it possible to fill any nutritional gap, helping you achieve good health, free of hassle. It is not that the manufacturer does not appreciate the need of eating the prerequisite foods such as fruits and fresh vegetables, but the manufacturer realized that even after eating these foods, they do not meet the needed demand in the body.
You can also take advantage of Invite health coupon so as to make a saving on the purchases.


Popular brands

Invite health has been in this market for over 25 years. While its products can be divided into four categories, (supplement, natural health supplement, skin, and beauty products) their product line is long. Among the most famous products include

· ALCAR with ALA

· Gluco Hx

· Macula Hx

· Prostate HX

· Restevatrol

· Ubiquinol CoQ10

· Tucotrienol Pine Bark Exact

· Bio-Curcumin & 5-Loxin

Each category of product has its popular product, for example, Blood sugar supplement, baby care product, heart health vitamins and over 30 more.


Shipping and Tracking

Invite health has a limited shipping provision that is only for customers in the US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Another limitation is that they do not ship to AP0/FPO and P.O Box addresses. If you are new on their site it can be hard to identify the shipping option but it available at the point of checkout. When you buy products from Invite Health, you will be able to track parcel from their website. Under the section, Express shop, you just input your item number, and you will get the status of your product conveniently.


Special Offers

Invite Health has special offers running each day. Special offers can be free shipping, discounts or offers after you make a purchase. Some offers last for one day while others go for a few days. So You can also take advantage of InVite Health Coupons so as to make a saving on the purchases.


Free Shipping Policy

Invite Health has a free shipping offer when you make a purchase worth over 100 dollars. Remember that shipping is only in the US. All orders by Invite health are done through UPS and delivery made by the US postal service.


Positive Review 

Invite Health has incredible online reviews by both its past customers and freelance bloggers. I was amazed by the massive positive review and high recommendation. Invite health is unique because of the following features

· Invite Health has the best team of nutritionists, pharmacists, and health care experts

· As a sign of quality assurance, they offer a 30-day return opportunity if you do not benefit.

· They have a very wide scope of products

· They offer their products at favorable prices

· They have an excellent packaging and delivery system

· They have incredible customer service

· They accept varied payment methods including, Discover Card, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard

· They educate their clients through their blog and radio


 Customer support

If there is a section that Invite Health scores high is their customer support capability. There are different ways of contacting the support center. They include:

· Live chat

· Hotline

· Email

· Through their website

· Strong social media presence, either through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus

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