Izidress.com review

If you want to have a successful wedding without spending much on wedding dresses and other outfits you should consider online shopping. One of the best places to get cheap prices and high quality wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and prom dresses among others is zidress.com. The online store offers discounts as well as coupon deals that will help you save a lot of money during shopping.

izidress.com is part of IZIGET Co’s sites, which is a transnational corporation that has been supplying valuable products to customers from different parts of the world. Some of the products you will get from the online store include wigs, wedding dresses and accessories just to mention of them. With its offices in India Hong Kong and Canada, this online store boasts of high quality products sold at the most affordable prices you are likely to find elsewhere in the world, Product lines Izidress.com deals in wide range of products. Their products fall following categories

• Special occasion dresses-you can buy high quality dresses from a wide collection at low prices. The store offers affordable cocktail dresses, home coming dresses, graduation dresses as well as quinceanera dresses among others

• Prom dresses- you can satisfy your prom dress desire by shopping for high quality dresses using coupon codes from this store. With these codes, you can save up to 80% during shopping.

• Wedding dresses-izidress.com is the ultimate destination where you can find high quality wedding fashion including wedding dresses without paying through your nose.

• Accessories- the store deals in different accessories that you can buy to better your looks. Some of the accessories in this store include wedding veils, wedding jewelry, headpieces and gloves among others. Shipping and delivery

Once the process of designing your dress is complete, you will only have to wait for 4-8 working days to receive your order. For those buying wedding dresses, you will wait for 15-19 days before your order is delivered at your doorstep by the postman. Depending on the shipping method you are going to choose, the duration will vary.

Return and exchange policy

Izidress.com created return and exchange policy because they understand how important your wedding is. However, their materials as well as clothing are not subject to reuse once they have been the process of designing your wedding outfits. Therefore, it is good to get in touch with them within 12 hours before they embark on the process of creation. Any bridal order canceled within after 12 hours and within duration of 36 hours will attract a charge of 30% while those cancelled after 36 hours are charged a cancellation of 50% of their merchandise price.

Free shipping

The online store offers free shipping that takes between 6-8 business days. This can be a good way to save more money as long as you do not need your products urgently. To benefits from free shipping, you should order your wedding dress or any other products several months before the actual day.

Customer support

Customer support is one of the cornerstones of this online store. There is no doubt that izidress.com has the best customer support team when it comes to online shopping. The customer support team offers services 24/7 including weekends and holidays to ensure that you benefit from their help. You can call them at any time of the day or night. Alternatively, you can send them an email and they will respond in less than 6 hours after you have done so. In addition, they have color and size charts that will guide you throughout your shopping thereby making everything a breeze. Do not waste time wondering the best wedding dress to buy when the support team is there to help you.

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