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Liquid Web is a privately held, web hosting provider based in Lansing, Michigan. The company was started by Matthew Hill in 1997 while he was still 16 years old. The company currently employs more than 450 people around the US and has been featured on the Inc. 5000 for nine years in a row. The company has 2 datacenters in the US and one in Amsterdam, NL. Liquid Web is currently being managed by its CEO Mr. Jim Geiger. you can avail the discounted price with Liquid Web coupon.


Web Hosting Plans

The company started out by offering economic shared web hosting service to its customers in 1997. Since then, the company has grown to providing Managed Dedicated Servers, Managed Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Managed Wordpress Hosting along with old-school Shared Web Hosting service. With its Shared Web Hosting service, your website will be hosted in the same server with many other websites of other customers. If you opt for a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server, your website will be hosted on a private server and you will have a dedicated IP. By opting for the Managed Cloud Server service, you can get 100% uptime on your website or application since it will be hosted on multiple servers for fallback. Even when a server goes down, your application will immediately be powered by another server, the same goes with load balancing. Make use of Liquid Web Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Service Reviews

Shared Hosting service is the most affordable hosting plan available on Liquid Web, starting at $14.95 per month. This plan is perfect for starters whose websites receive less than 25k visitors per month. People looking for more power and redundancy can opt for the Fully Managed Virtual Private Server which comes with a host of powerful features like SSD Storage, Free Storm Firewall and Real-Time Monitoring. Plans for the Virtual Private Servers start at $50 per month.

If you run a powerful application that demands fully dedicated resources, you can choose a Dedicated Server and customize the configurations. You can choose between the self-managed and fully managed plans for your dedicated server. The most basic, fully managed dedicated server plan costs $199 per month. All of its plans come with 24/7 Sonar Monitoring and Server Hardening via ServerSecure. The company has also been offering HIPAA compliant hosting services for businesses in the Healthcare industry. The company recently became on of the few companies that offer managed HIPAA compliant hosting services for third parties. Due to the restrictions in place, the service is only available with its Dedicted Servers.


Customer Support Review

Matthew Hill, the founder of the company says that, the most important reason for the exponential growth of the company, during the last 17 years is the 'always available', friendly customer-support provided by the company. In spite of the many huge players in the server industry back then, the 16 year old Matthew Hill was able to outrank them all, by providing a great customer support experience from the very beginning. Providing free, unlimited 24/7 support at the time was unheard of in the industry. The company still takes customer support very seriously and thus has a Net Promoter score of 74. The company rebranded its customer support as 'Heroic Support' and has its own 'Hero' mascot. Liquid Web's customers love its Heroic Support and say that the Heroes (customer support executives) have often gone above and beyond their duties to help them solve their problems. When something goes wrong (like it often does with servers), these are the people you would like to be dealing with.

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