LumoBodytech Devices - Wearable Tech for Better Posture

The Lumo Lift is essentially a small and stylish new tracker you can wear beneath your clothing. It will record how many steps you have taken, the calories burned, and how much distance you've gone. It can also monitor your posture, which is key for ensuring you are doing well at maintaining good posture and not stressing your muscles the wrong way. Strengthening your core is entirely possible with this device, which is useful for tracking your exercise, posture, and distance. you can avail the discounted price with LUMOback coupon Code.


Design of Lumo Lift

The design of this device is quite simple and elegant. All you need to do is clasp the small token onto your clothes. You will secure it using the lift sensor -- which is slightly larger and hidden away. You will also receive a charging unit, about the same size as the sensor. You will need to wear it specifically against your skin, just one inch below your collarbone. You definitely won't notice it is there. use Lumo Lift Coupon before you check out.

When you slouch, the sensor will vibrate gently to tell you it's time to realign your posture. You'll be able to track your posture and how many steps you've taken through the android app or through iOS and Windows. The Lift will need to be calibrated when you wear it, and this can be done by just pressing the button and buzzing it 3 times to make sure it has confirmed your choice. 


The Lumo Run

The Lumo Run is another great device from LumoBodytech. Including cadence monitoring, bounce rate, ground contact time, and stride length, it is an excellent unit for runners. this app will tell you exactly how you are running in terms of posture, steps per minute, and vertical oscillation. It is very much like having a coach right there in your pocket. Using a simple sensor that goes into your shorts or pants, you can capture running biomechanics automatically and track them over time as you continue to run.  


LumoBodytech Wearables for Improved Quality of Life

LumoBodytech strives to help you be your best athletic self, providing important feedback on your behavior, body posture, and mindfulness. Based in Silicon Valley, the company aims to help correct posture, detect movement, and analyze body positioning to help you make small but powerful changes that will improve your life.  

The company is passionate about data and algorithmic enhancements to users' lives, health, and wellness. The clasp on the devices themselves are magnetic, and the company plans to roll out new accessories as well -- specifically for those who are often stationary at a desk for a long time.  Make use of LUMOback Coupon and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Informative and Educative Details About LumoBodytech

People are unable to achieve their full potentials because their bodies do not stretch to the necessary limits. This means that if such people are able to unlock their bodies’ full potential they can be able to achieve more in different aspects of their lives. As a result of this, LumoBodytech which is found online through developed smart sensors and software that are meant to optimize human potential and empower people the be the best versions of themselves. Some of the main products from this company include the Lumo back posture,Lumo lift and activity trackers which provide actionable feedback with an objective of encouraging people to stand tall and move more to promote an active and healthier lifestyle.

The products sold at are certified and confirmed to be effective and therefore users can be assured of getting positive results. The popularity of these products can be affirmed by the many people who have used them and written positive testimonials about the products. Furthermore, the founders of this company are visionary people who have the necessary skills and knowledge to make top quality products. These founders combine different lines of skills to come up with the functional and safe products. These further gives users of these products assurance that they products from this company are effective and safe.


How To Order and Get LumoBodytech Free Shipping?

 To get these smart sensors and software from LumoBodytech one just needs to visit the company’s website which is found on This website is well designed where it is very interactive therefore allowing people to see the products they need easily. Upon selecting the preferred products one just needs to pay the reasonable fees through the reliable and safe modes of payments. Buyers are also provided with free shipping where they do not have to spend more money to pay for shipping fee. The free shipping ensures that the buyers get even better value for their money. Therefore, the products from LumoBodytech are ideal for different people who would like to unlock the full potential of their bodies. 

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