National Equipment Parts: Your one Stop shop for industrial parts

National Equipment Parts specializes in offering a diverse range of industrial parts. So whether you're seeking specific parts for a small business, or are looking for parts for your household, it's well worth visiting Best of all, National Equipment Parts offers specialist parts at extremely competitive prices. They also have a policy to match any price for a product that you can find on So if you want to purchase high quality industrial parts, National Equipment Parts, should be your first online shop that you visit and you can avail the discounted price with National Equipment Parts coupon Codes.



National Equipment Parts boasts an extensive range of products. Continue reading to discover just some of the categories of products available at

Examples of just a few of the plumbing related products on offer include faucets, showers, baths and copper fittings.

Whether you need an air filter or a humidifier or replacements parts for your current air filter or humidifier, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice.

National Equipment Parts sells both top of the line 3D printers as well as spare filaments.

If you're looking to install video monitors, you'll find several models for sale.

Examples of some of the HVAC products for sale include gas valves, motors, surge protectors, electronic control panels and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. You can also take advantage of National Equipment Parts coupons so as to make a saving on the purchases. 

National Equipment Parks also stock home tools, pool and spa accessories and refrigeration parts.Make use of nd promo code to save money on your purchase.


Shipping and tracking:

If your requested items are in stock, you can expect your order to ship within 1-3 business days. Typically, you can expect to receive your order with 1-2 weeks of placing your online order. However, if your items aren't in stock, you may have to wait awhile longer. 


Returns and exchange policy:

In order to return an unwanted item in exchange for credit, you'll need to request an RGA (return goods authorization) directly from National Equipment Parts. If you send back unwanted gods to National Equipment Parts, without a RGA number, you will not be reimbursed for your returned goods or granted an exchange.


Free shipping policy:

Free shipping is offered to all customers who live in one of the USA's 28 contiguous states, providing that customers spend a minimum of $50 in a single transaction. If you don't spend $50 on a single transaction, you'll be charged a small delivery fee. 


Customer support:

If you need to contact National Equipment Parts for any reason, you have two options. You can call a customer service representative on (610) 624-3403, or you can send an email query to a customer service representative

After I placed my first order with National Equipment Parts, I realized that I forgot to place one item under $50 into my shopping cart. I decided to email National Equipment Parts on the off chance that a customer service assistant could add the item to my original order, so that I wouldn't have to pay a shipping fee for the product which I had initially forgotten to order. To my surprise, the customer services assistant told me that it wouldn't be any trouble. Talk about exceptional service!

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