Norman Antivirus 11 - Review

Choose the Best Antivirus and Internet Security Suite

It is a sad thing that ransom cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The recent attack by Wanna Decryptor has caused much harm to thousands of NHS computers worldwide. The cyber thieves are so smart that they want to pay the ransom in the internet currency Bitcoin. Yes, the threat is all pervading and data is an invaluable asset to businesses as well as individuals. In the knowledge economy, it is equally important to acquire and preserve data. Several antivirus software is available on the market, and if assured safety is your consideration, they should choose an effective antivirus or malware software.

Need a Good Antivirus Solution against Malware

As cyber thieves are getting smarter every year with new malware threats, executives and businesses should be even smarter to ward off malware threat. It is at this stage; they cannot fall prey to offers like cheap antivirus or malware protection software that is available for free downloads. Many standard antivirus solutions are available in the market, and Norman malware cleaner is one such player having a product called Norman Antivirus 11. This store offers solutions like Norman Antivirus, Norman Security Suite, Norman AD-Aware PRO, Norman Online Backup, and Norman System Speedup to the data-centric customers.

What is Norman’s Credibility?

Norman has offices in 11 different countries, and this company is a subsidiary of AVG. According to a review by industry expert Renee Shipley in top ten review site, Norman performed well against malware. In the context of Wanna Decryptor attack, this finding is very important for businesses to take note of buying an anti-malware software. Norman has the reputation of getting good points from AV-Test Institute. A telling example for this is scoring 5.0 points attaining 100 percent malware detection rate. This happened in 2014 in a Mac security products test when only four competitors matched the performance of Norman.

Needed the Best Anti-Virus Program

So, the reputation of Norman Antivirus 11 is in targeting malware. This finding is great to tackle rouge programs like Wanna Decryptor. But scoring in one area isn’t enough. Norman 11 has to prove its mettle as an effective antivirus also. The real strength businesses expect from antivirus solutions is blocking dangerous websites. According to company’s claims, Norman Antivirus can detect known threats and place suspicious files in a virtual sandbox. They also provide extensive telephone support for European users. Although experts pitch for products like McAfee, the robust customer support provided by the company is worthy to consider while buying an antivirus solution.  

The Bottom line

Every good product available in the market has its merits and demerits. One review states Norman Antivirus 11 is a bare-bones antivirus product. This finding is of lesser importance as the merits of Norman in the area of malware protection, and superior customer support far outweighs this minor handicap. Secondly, AV-Test found that Norman Antivirus performed effectively than Windows' built-in antivirus software. Besides, you can buy this product with Norman Coupon, Norman Coupon Code, and Norman Promo Code at Norman Antivirus software is available for download. Norman is part of AVG giving you protection from a trusted brand. Go for the best deal and ensure the best malware protection as well as antivirus also.