This is a cloud-based phone company which aims at satisfying the needs of small entrepreneurs and small businesses. At, you will be offered with communications in an innovative, affordable and customization manner. Across the whole America now, this company is delivering award-winning U.S based customer support. This company has offered this to more than 25,000 customers by now. Take advantage of Coupon and Coupon code available at is mainly suited for use by Parse.Ly, SnapEngage, Thumbtack, BarkBox,, Bespoke Post, ESPN, and MouseFlow. This company has mobile apps that help the owners of small businesses to be able to manage several numbers on their mobile phones. Withholding only one phone at ago, the small business owners can operate both their personal and professional profiles. This is enabled with the iPhone and Android Apps that you can get from


Phone lines at

In the vast line of phones at, there have now been new feature IP phones from Cisco. This has upgraded the company. Below are the new feature IP phones.


Cisco SPA504G

This phone has a capacity of four lines. The phone has a PC port and a back-lit display which is 3.0 inches. The phone also uses Power over Ethernet, extensions of up to 4HD and Ethernet pass-through of 10/100. You can also take advantage of coupons so as to make a saving on the purchases. 


Cisco SPA525G2

This is another powerful phone which has the capacity of five lines. There are also various connectivity options that you can get from this phone. The phone also has a color display with a back-lit which is 3.2 inches. The phone has extensions of up to 5 HD.

Other important features of the phone are; it can use USB, Bluetooth, and power over Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet pass-through, and has a built-in WI-Fi.

These phones tend to be very reliable, and you will quickly notice this when you purchase one.


What is the pricing at

With all these features, the pricing of these phones is still very amazing. The level at which the prices are set here is very motivating to buy the phones. The prices start from as little as $9.99 for every month. It is also interesting that there is a free trial, and no credit card is required. This pricing uses the subscription model. You can also get unlimited extensions from as low as $19.99 per month. Make use of Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


What are some of the advantages of

Some benefits are only found at regarding customer support. These advantages you may not find them anywhere else except only at This is what has made the company to be an award winning. You will agree with me on this as you purchase one of their phones. First of all, there is a 24/7 U.S based customer support. This has made the company to be very convenient for use by the customers.

The other benefit that you can get from is the enjoyment of the local toll-free numbers. Also, it is only at that you will get the long-term commitment phone service at the lowest cost ever.

The phones are enabled with unlimited extensions and voicemail, free dedicated conference call room with all plans, menus, greetings, and hold music which helps in creating a big company presence. Company will remain to be on the top. This is because of the advanced rules and customization they employ when it comes to the call forwarding. It is the time that you need to try this.

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