Piscifun Stone Sealed Drag Saltwater Spinning Reel 10 Ball Bearing 5.21 Full

Go with the strong spinning reel to fish in the deep sea

Spinning reels are necessary to catch small to medium sized fishes. Adventure on seas is nothing new as travelers have been exploring oceans since ages or going for fishing. Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick gives a vivid description about whale hunting in the deep seas. On those days, technology was not as advanced as we enjoy today with corrosion resistant premium bearings or smooth non-constructive waterproof carbon fiber drag that makes an ideal spinning fishing reel.

Powerful and Durable

Today, the conventional wisdom is, a full metal body, side plate, and rotor makes the spinning reel a real saltwater workhorse for experienced and beginner anglers.

Many may not have made up their minds to have an adventure in seas. A few have the gumption to use spinning reels to hook the desired fish be it a Bluefin or a monster Mako Shark. In this process, one has the thrill of having an adventure and eating the fruit of his labor. Today, offshore spinning reels come with a broad range of features depending on your style of fishing. Hold on; there’s an excellent spinner for you.

It is worth noting that Piscifun Stone Sealed Drag Saltwater Spinning Reel 10 Ball Bearing 5.21 Full Metal Body Super-Powerful Smooth Fishing Reels has reinforced stainless main shaft, brass gears, and well-refined carbon drag system for enhanced corrosion resistance and smoothness. The 9 + 1 sealed stainless steel bearings gives better quality to the product. Are you a serious angler? You will love this feature.

Durability matters for a spinning wheel. The key to it here is Piscifun spinning reel has a sealed drag system that gives protection from being decomposed by saltwater, rain, sand, etc. The reel spooled easily casting smoothly without tangling the line.

Ease of Handling

Ease of handling is another advantage of Piscifun spinning reel. The CNC Machined interchangeable right hand or left-hand stainless steel handles with ergonomic EVA handle knob, make this happen.

Dual propulsion, anti-twist line roller dramatically reduces the line twist problem and lessen the wearing of your line. The super smooth surface design makes you feel extremely comfortable when holding it in your hand.

Price and Competition

The cost of Piscifun stone sealed spinning reel ranges from $99.98 - $109.97. Manufacturers claim the spinning wheel can handle any species in salt or fresh water. Utility matters here.

Competitor’s Products

Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel by Daiwa is offering stiff competition with a price of $17.29 - $72.40.This product has 65% 5-star reviews. Another competitor Penn Battle II Spinning Reel by Penn is priced at $71.49 - $272.12 with 85% 5-star reviews.

The Verdict

Piscifun’s is strong but light in weight. Proven anti-corrosive properties, durability, and high ratings from customers can be factored in to buy a spinning wheel. 75% of the Amazon reviewers are giving 5-star reviews to this product. Piscifun scores handsomely in these aspects. One Amazon review testifies how one user caught several King Salmon with ease on Lake Michigan during 2016 summer. Consider these to arrive at a purchasing decision.

Anglers, get adventurous. Fish for pleasure and profit; you can do it in freshwater or marine environments. Catch bluefish, bonefish, cobia, cod, flounder, grouper, halibut, jewfish, kingfish, mackerel, redfish, sailfish, seatrout, and sharks with a brand new Stone Sealed Drag Saltwater Spinning Reel. Some sites are offering coupons also. Get the best value for money.