About Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen is a unique line of specialty food products that began at local farmers' markets and quickly expanded into a huge line of products. The time and work the two owners of the company have put into the product include a number of flavorful sauce and jams, and now they have expanded into specialty food items all over the world. Their specialty foods include dry pastas, grille sauces, jams, jellies, mustards, pasta sauces, salsas, snack foods, and syrups, among others. You can avail the discounted prices with Stonewall Kitchen Coupon Code and Coupons.


Popular holiday food Items

Popular holiday items include the dark chocolate peppermint bark and tree cookie line, as well as chocolate covered gingerbread men and chocolate graham crackers. Their gift collections include the special hot pepper jelly tree ramekin and the holiday jam tree, as well as holiday blueberry jam, pepper jelly, and breakfast collections. The company offers vegetable risotto mix, mushroom risotto mix, and roasted garlic onion risotto mix, as well as dry pastas that you can separately order sauces for.  

The company offers a number of breads and pastries, desserts and sweets, and entrees, meats, and seafood items that are already prepared. You can order cinnamon rolls, blueberry biscuits, or layered cream cheese biscuits for breakfast, as well as pecan sticky buns and pumpkin spice brownies for dessert. Their entrees include the Maine lobster dinner for two, lobster mac and cheese, and gourmet chicken sausages, as well as the breakfast meat sampler. 

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