A Look at the Scholastic Store's Educational Offerings

Where do you go if you're a teacher that needs to buy additional books for your pupils? Or maybe you're a parent that wants shop for educational books for your kids? Most people just check on big retail stores like Amazon or maybe even Walmart. Unfortunately, shopping using that method is not only time consuming, it is also a bit of a hit-or-miss. So why not directly buy from the source? When it comes to books, nothing beats scholastic. They have been educating people for nearly a century, selling books and other educational materials to schools and other educational institutions. Few people know but Scholastic actually has an online shop you can shop and order from.

Product Lines

Scholastic is a massive book publisher, they publish a lot of books both fiction and nonfiction. On their online shop, their books are categorized into grade levels, making it easy for parents to pick books for their kids. But you are not limited to filtering by grade level. You can also filter by subject, price, reading level or genre. If you're a teacher, Scholastic has premade bundles you can use to help pick a choice. But Scholastic does not only sell books. They also sells a couple of educational tools like multiplication flash cards, arithmetic mats, magnetic letters and others. They also sell magazine subscriptions to a couple of educational magazines like Science World, a magazine for kids focused on Science or DynaMath, a magazine that shows kids how math have real world applications.

Shipping and Delivery

The scholastic store can only ship orders within the US, Puerto Rico and other US territories. The default shipping option is the standard ground shipping. Packages ordered via this shipping options arrives within 4-7 business days. But if you need it faster, you can pay more and upgrade to either 2nd Day or Next Day Air Shipping. These plans allow you to receive the package within 1-2 days.

Returns and Exchange

Refunding items is painless; you don't even need to contact the customer support to do so. The store offers a 30 day money back guarantee on non digital products. You just need to fill out the return form that's included in your package and send it back along with the items you want returned. Once they have received the items you'll get a full credit on your credit card.

Free Shipping

By default, Scholastic doesn't offer free shipping. Fortunately there are various coupons you can use that will give you free shipping. For example, there's a coupon code the gives you free shipping to orders over $50. To use these coupon codes, you just need to apply the coupons during the checkout. If you're now wondering where to find those coupons, don't worry, you can find these coupons and more here at CouponToPay. Excellent

Customer Support

Scholastic is pretty big on customer support. They understand that their business depends on word of mouth from teachers and parents. Hence, their customer support is top notch and is composed of real people that's not merely following a script. You can pretty much ask their customer support anything and they'll respond in a prompt and timely manner. In case of refunds, you don't even need to contact the customer support; you can just fill out the refund form and send it back along with your items. Their customer support is also extremely accessible. Not only can you contact them via email, you can also call their toll free hotline. You can even contact them via snail mail or fax and they'll respond to it. Unlike other companies, Scholastic doesn't require you to sign in to a ticket system for support. You can just contact them as is. But you don't need to take my word for it, try and contact them. In the end, scholastic.com is a good place to shop for books and other educational materials if you are a teacher, a parent that needs to homeschool your kids, or just wants to buy educational material at a discount. To save even more money, be sure to use some of the coupons we have here at CouponToPay. Anyway give them a try, you won't regret it.

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