WCFStorm: Storm Your Way through WCF and Web Services

WCFStorm is an online store that provides a range of developer tools. They offer samples and licenses of top quality software with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and web service testing capabilities, all meant to satisfy home and business client needs. The site allows users to download the tool they want, try it out as a free trial version, and then, if user is satisfied with it, purchase the license for it so it can be used with all full features. For huge discounts and more savings, you may use WCFStorm coupon code on various products from CouponToPay.com.


Product line

Right now, there are four product categories available at the WCFStorm store: WCFStorm, WCFStorm Rest, WCFStorm Server, and Tresi. All WCFStorm tools come in three different editions, whereas Tresi comes in two. The personal edition is made for non-commercial testing use only and can only be used by one user. The professional edition is made for commercial usage but for only one user. The Enterprise edition is made for commercial use but comes with unlimited slots, meaning anyone in the company or business would be able to use it. Make use of WCFStorm Coupon and promo code to save money on your purchase.

WCFStorm Service Testing is a simple, user-friendly test tool for WCF services. Aside from being able to support all types of bindings, this tool also allows users to design test cases and check them to make sure that they work exactly as they should. WCFStorm Rest features a modern user interface that makes Rest service testing as easy as it could be. Not only does it support HTTP function requests, it also allows the use to save, reload, and repeat them whenever necessary. WCFStorm Server was built to provide features not found in the Internet Information Server (IIS). It offers live monitoring, auto message tracking, and more. Tresi, on the other hand, is a dedicated test client specifically for SignalR Hubs, the only one of its kind.

The online store not only sells downloadable test case software, it also makes sure that users are well-informed with regards to the product. They also offer tutorials on how to install the tools, how to use them for specific tasks, how to acquire and install a license, and more. Each of these tutorials comes with screenshots, thus, making every single instruction easier to grasp and follow, especially for beginners. Need all the help you can get for WCF and web services? Then wcfstorm.com is the place to be.

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