Zchocolat - Review

Unique Chocolate with 26 Different Recipes to Satiate Your Chocolate Cravings

Precious candy in its purest form is a fancy for sweet lovers all over the world. In luxury chocolate segment a few brands are world famous in providing the best chocolates with their unique crafting methodologies that are unknown to others. It is not just some of them come out as a special chocolate, but there was a concerted effort behind it where flavor, ingredients, looks, sweetness, smell, and texture that play a major part to distinguish the gourmet chocolate from the lesser known chocolate brands. Yes, Zchocolat is one such brand that has won the customer's trust with its unique taste and flavor. The brand differentiation of ‘100% Made in France chocolate’ is in its crafting with no alcohol, high cocoa content, no preservatives, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter used for chocolate preparation.

Quality all the Way in Chocolate Preparation

France is well known not for wine only but for chocolates also. Brands emerge due to its uniqueness or the ingredients sourced from a place that is famous for quality. Let us check how this chocolate is unique. First of all the brand is due to its craftsman Pascal Caffet, a World-Champion Chocolatier, who adhere to French tradition in the chocolate making. Zchocoat uses French butter and cream from Normandy in the preparation of dark, milk, and white chocolates. Moreover, the secret of delicious flavor and taste is due the finely textured pralines are honed from a unique mix of Valencia almonds from Spain and Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy.

Using Only Single-Origin Cocoa in their Couvertures?

Unless and until more secrets are revealed people will not wholeheartedly subscribe to the idea of accepting a brand as a top class brand. Hold your breath and know more. Zchocolat uses only pure, single-origin cocoa in their couverture; they never blend cocoa couverture. As a result of this, they are successful in bringing out everyday flavors. The use of high-grade, single-origin cocoa beans produces a more distinctive and longer finish on the palate than blended beans. Look at the secret of their taste:

  • They use 40% Ivory Coast couverture for their milk chocolates.
  • They use 73% Bolivia couverture for their Large Z Chocolate.
  • They use 70% Venezuela couverture for their dark chocolates.

No wonder, their every couverture captures more market share in the chocolate selling space.

Reputation from Media

It is not just with taste people trust this store. On the other hand, they became popular with the awards and accolades they received from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Food Network, who included this store in their list of Top 5 V-Day gifts. The reason for providing this news is to inform the corporate sector to choose this store’s special chocolates for gourmet chocolate gifts, chocolate gift sets, or the best chocolate gifts. Your organization may be in any part of the world, but you can go for chocolate online through this store.

Attractive Offers for Individual Buyers and Businesses

This store means business when it comes to offering chocolate boxes online. They offer their French chocolates engraved with your client’s name, as well as your company logo, for a completely customized gift delivered globally. With their gifts, you can acknowledge key relationships and cultivate new ones for success.

The Bottom line

It is always ideal to trust a supplier that has better ideas for service. In this sense, this online chocolate store never lacks ideas. This store offers Personal VIP Membership bold loyalty program for people who love to give fine gifts all through the year at the same time enjoying substantial savings. And for the corporate, they have pleasant surprises with their corporate membership offers. When an organization have previously purchased 50 gifts and wishes and want to send a single gift, Zchocolat offers 20% volume discount to that. For businesses, that deals with volume gifting such an offer is an excellent cost saving option.

Those who balance quality product and customer service are all set to win as they will get the trust of all. That is why precisely individuals or businesses need to deal with them for luxury chocolates.