Become a Better Writer with Grammarly Products

Grammarly is a company that specializes in creating tools that aid writers in creating content with perfect English. Founded in 2008, they launched the Grammarly Editor with the intention of making a more effective spellchecker and grammar error detector for native and non-native English writers alike. They have gained recognition and awards for being one of the fastest growing startup companies in North America. They have further developed the tool and have even added more resources, which have all been tested and verified by top universities and corporations. The company has managed to acquire 4 million followers in Facebook and now has 4 million registered users of all their products.

The major product of this company is the Grammarly Editor. It is meant to detect and correct common contextual spelling errors and over 250 grammar mistakes. It is also capable of optimizing vocabulary usage while also suggesting citations to be used. This free tool also has a feature that helps writers prevent plagiarism by comparing content to billions of pages in the web. Aside from the Editor, additional resources have been developed to help optimize the writing experience. They offer Grammarly Answers, which is a forum-like community for all things related to writing; the Grammarly Handbook which serves as a manual or guide for writers; Grammarly Words which is an online tool similar to a thesaurus; Grammarly Blog, where the company and its users can share tips, news, and more; and the popular Grammarly Facebook page, where a community of writers could acquire writing posts, discussions, and even jokes.

Although Grammarly had provided resources to help writers get all the need they can, their customer service team is still open and willing to help. They can be reached through email or through their online query form. Their website has a comprehensive list of common issues and solutions, all categorized to make searching for answers easy and convenient. Registered users have been quite fully satisfied with the product that they barely contact the helpdesk. For those who have, they say customer service reps respond immediately as long as queries are submitted within business hours. They have support for issues on Editor usage, billing, software compatibility, and more. Although their services are free, you can make use of Grammarly Editor's full features by purchasing a license. You can take advantage of great discount codes available at Now, you can have automatic proofreading services right at your fingertips.

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