Linux Foundation, The Core of Linux

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds. It is the open source operating system more known in the world and is used from the Internet to cell phones through TV, railway and air traffic control to defense systems. Linux Foundation ( is a non-profit organization formed to promote growth through support of open source companies and developers worldwide. To fulfill this general objective, diversified its efforts in various activities. One of these activities is the development of programs to different types of users involved with the use of Linux, from developers, regional development, legal issues and end users programs. Also, fosters teamwork through working groups that address issues of shared interests to be solved with the participation of people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and orientation. Linux Foundation also has a large bank of publications including reports, guides for development and application, which are downloadable for free from the site.


Expert training with

Use Linux Foundation Coupon Code & Promos for better savings, A crucial part of the services offered by is individual or corporate training in the use of Linux and its applications, from basic level to highly specialized areas that require certification that the site also offers by highly competitive payments. In cases where it is necessary free shipping, it is available. Besides to the more specialized courses that are aimed at training experts in Linux, there is ample free offer to written courses and introductory videos to enter this exciting sector of modern informatics to people still exploring what it is and how could it be included in their careers. As a very active and committed organization, arrange a series of information events, conferences, and summits for the constant actualization of all the interested members and collaborative projects with the most relevant organizations for actively promoting the growth of Linux, the innovation of its applications and global access.

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