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Whether you are a woman looking for the right product spice up your lifestyle, or a man trying to please his woman, you are well covered on This website has one of the best collections of women beauty gadgets and products designed only for the most classy ones. You can shop for almost anything from hair dryers to hair chalk. Once you signed up for an account, you are already into a world of ease and comfort. 


Product lines

The Nume site has a huge list of product lines enough to satisfy just about anyone. You can shop for styling sets like the Octwand, Pentacle, Blowout Boutique, Lustrum, and Power Couple. There is also the traveling kid for the adventure loving woman. Take a look at the collection of curl wand, to help transform your hair into almost anything that comes on up in your mind. The magic and classic wand curling hair are available in different lengths of 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm, and different colors of pink, blue, purple and can avail the discounted price with Nume coupon Codes.

You can also purchase a number of flat iron straighteners and dryers, available in different colors and attractive design. There is also a long list of hair care products including hair conditioners, shampoo, hair serum, leave-in moisturizer and moisturizing conditioner. If you don’t know what to shop, you can join the crowd by purchasing the seasonal or trending items carefully selected for you on the home page. You can also take advantage of Nume coupon so as to make a saving on the purchases.


Nume accessories

The site also has a great collection of accessories that can help turn your hairdressing habit into a fun time. There are a number of brushes you can purchase including Ironic Round Brush, Styling Comb, and Paddle Brush. You can also buy Microfiber Hair Wrap and Hair chalk set of different colors. Get a hair dryer diffuser that promotes safe drying, and a Thermal Pouch which you can use to store all your tools safely, thereby protecting them from possible damage. 


Shipping and delivery site ship to about 30 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. All orders from customers within the United States are packaged between 2- 7 days and will generally take about 5 – 10 days before it is delivered. However, order from outside the United States will take between 10 – 25 days before delivery. Make use of Nume Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Returns and exchange policy

if you received a product with visible damage, you must contact Nume for a refund within 9 days of receiving the product. Functional defect products have a grace of 90 days after delivery while you have up to 30 days to report a product you’re not satisfied with. Refunds for all types of returns take 3 – 7 days to process. 


Free shipping policy

if you purchased a product that has visible damage or functional effect, you can return it through the product return policy with zero shipping cost. If you are however returning the product because you are not satisfied you will have to pay a non-refundable fee of $14.95 for every product returned. 


Customer care

if you need to speak with the customer support you can do so by submitting a support ticket and check the status at any time. You can also call them on the phone, for faster response, or make use of the FAQs or tutorial section if you need self-help. 

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