Vaped Luxury Vaporizer Review

This is an online store that sells luxury vaporizer kits and their accessories. It has an assorted collection of these products that shoppers can order online. Using cutting edge technology, it seeks to provide quality products and premier services to its large number of customers. It allows customers the flexibility of ordering for their items online and then shipping them to the respective destinations. The shop is a verified merchant which makes it a reliable place to shop from. Make use of Vaped Luxury Vaporizer Coupons and promo code to save money on your purchase.


Product lines

Vaped Inc mainly deals in luxury vaporizer kits. It stocks a variety of products depending on customer preferences such as color, size and price. The online store also sells vaped cartridges and attachments such as the single e-juice cartridge, skillet attachment and 5-pack nail replacements for the glass globe and nano vubbler. There are also nectar collector kits and accessories in different colors. It sells its products in retail but there is a provision for those who'd like to buy in wholesale. The store indicates the number of items available in each product category which enables buyers to only order for merchandise that can be supplied readily. Some of its products, especially the cartridges, are made of stainless steel to appeal to the high end users. you can avail the discounted price with Vaped Luxury Vaporizer coupon Codes.



The company provides warranty for batteries and chargers for one year from the date of purchase. That means that in case customers notice any defects on the batteries and chargers of items purchased in a year or less from the time of purchase, then the store bears the responsibility of replacing them. The warranty does not however include cartridges and will not apply in instances where the items are misused, abused or accidentally damaged.


Shipping and Tracking

Vaped Inc offers shipping services to clients in order to deliver items to their convenient locations. It's always done discreetly and with the privacy of the client safeguarded. Customers can also track their orders using the tracking option on the site by entering their order IDs and billing emails. That allows them to monitor the progress of their purchases.


Free Shipping Policy

The company has a free shipping policy which applies to customers living within the United States. When customers residing in the U.S make orders, their purchases are delivered free of charge to their convenient locations. Customers living outside the U.S on the other hand have to pay for shipping services.


Returns and exchange policy

The company has an "all sales are final" policy which means that a customer cannot return an item or request for an exchange simply because he or she does not like it anymore or has changed his or her mind about the purchase. That however does not mean that damaged or broken products cannot be returned because the customer has the right to do so.


Customer support

The company is very prompt in responding to customer complaints. A lot of customers are very impressed by the manner in which the company handles the concerns raised and in a transparent and conclusive fashion. The order tracking system ensures that customers monitor the progress of their orders and the company also does enough to ensure that the deliveries are made within the shortest time possible. To that end, they have provided an avenue for customers to raise queries about the progress of their orders and to prompt the management in case there are unwarranted delays.

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