Signal Vault Review

The market is shifting to a place where the shopper is inclined to do online shopping for convenience and efficiency. The presence and emergence of online stores is arguably the direction that people will be heading in the next couple of years as they win over the traditional shoppers who are inclined to physical stores. The convenience of online shops is that one is guaranteed to find what they are looking for; the brand, the specifications, the design and price they desire. Among the wide range of products which are available in online stores are credit card protectors. There is a need to secure financial and personal information. These protectors help to prevent incidences of losing and exposing that information to the wrong hands. is an online store with dealings in credit cards protectors. The store can be accessed from the link that has been provided. The website of the store is certainly appealing with red, white and black being the dominant colours. It is easy on the eye with information easy to access and one navigates through the store smoothly without any difficulty. Information is easy to find and is well-placed. Signal-Vault sells credit and debit card and RFID protectors for securing of personal information. The brand is Signal Vault. This is the outstanding signature to the products they are selling. They have branded their protectors to identify with their store. These protectors are devices are designed to keep sensitive information about persons as secure as possible. They detect scanners and mask someone’s information and blocks signals as well. The main objective of the products they are selling is to make one’s information inaccessible to elements such as hackers. The customer feels protected in the event of incidents like crowd hacking. The credit card protectors use E-field technology which does not require batteries and last for 5 years. They are convenient as they can fit in wallets and even phone cases.  

Signal Vault is popular among card holders. It is notable to mention that Signal Vault has significant credibility as they have been given a clean bill of health by experts on Shark Tank. This forms part of the reason why their products are popular. Their influence is growing as they not only sell but inform people on the evolving ways information is being stolen and how to counter such theft through their blogs. They offer discounts on their protectors like $50 slash in price for the 10-pack Signal Vault credit card and debit card protector and the $5 discount on two of their products.  

As per customer reviews, the opinions on Signal Vault’s products are split as you would expect. Most customers who used the card protectors lauded the efficiency of the products. Some who were victims of theft, had praise for the security that the product gave them. Some touched on the endorsement by Shark Tank revealing that such credibility is what led them to use the product gaining in the process. However, some customers felt that the RFID protectors work only for specific cards. A customer lamented that the protectors only work for ExpressPay and PayPass credit cards.  

All in all, one needs to visit for them to get in touch and perhaps, purchase one of their products. 

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