SnapPower Outlet Covers for Easy USB Charging

A fantastic new gadget on the market is the SnapPower charger plate, which turns every single one of your electric outlets into a USB port. While there have been previous items to do this, like the Usocket, SnapPower does not require any wiring -- you just snap it into place very easily. No wires required. The USB port is at the bottom of the cover plate and will use power from within the outlet itself. SnapPower is a convenient, use Snap Power Discount Code for affordable way to easily charge your USB devices. 


Powerful Charging and Numerous Color Choices

Offering unique one-amp charging and three color options, SnapPower can be purchased for decor outlets or duplex style. In addition to providing very easy charging, SnapPower is also energy efficient. It is a great solution for safety and guide lights and allows your outlets to stay clear for other plugs. These simple to install coverings are sleek, allowing easy access to the charger without having to do any rearranging of the furniture, and also attractive -- they just look great. They are extremely convenient and easy to install. There are no batteries, no wires -- just a simple snap on plate. 


How SnapPower Works

SnapPower works by drawing power from the outlet screws that are built right into its sleek design. The power prongs draw power from the source, and the charger itself snaps into place on your outlet. The company has been featured on NBC news, Forbes, and the Today show, among others. 


Easy to Install and Use

SnapPower is very easy to install. Just make sure your power is off, and then remove the outlet from your covering. Then, look for the pair of metal screws on your receptacle, above and below the middle of the unit. Slide the power prongs around each screw and line up your outlet's receptacles with the cover cutouts. When it is in place, use a screwdriver to gently fasten it to the wall and turn your circuit breakers on once more.  


Affordable Pricing 

Snap Power Coupon Code Offer At a very low price of just $20, SnapPower's outlets and guide lights are a fantastic deal. They are very pleasing in terms of color and design, which matches well with any home decor. Their charging times are nice and fast, and don't take longer than regular power adapters. They are also safe to install and much easier than full outlet replacement units.  


No Hassle Solutions for USB Charging

If you want an easy way of charging your USB devices without having to hassle with complex electrical solutions, try SnapPower’s products. They will help you quickly get your iPhone, tablet, and laptop charged up without much trouble at all. 

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