Surprise My Pet Review

Surprise My Pet is a fun loving family store, sending boxes each month with a new surprise for your pets. With each box, you'll get tasty treats, toys to play with for hours on end, and numerous other accessories for your pet. The company uses a trained scouting expert, who searches for premium pet goodies you can't find walking into any old pet store. Your pet will have the best box opening in the world thanks to Surprise My Pet.  

How it works 

When you sign up to the service, you will receive a new box with dog supplies, selected carefully for your pup -- anywhere from all natural treats to bones to dog toys. All treats and chews are made entirely in the U.S., inspected to make sure they are one hundred percent safe and healthy for your dog. 

After subscribing, you'll just need to submit a few details about your pup, such as size and breed. Then, the company's specialist creates new, fitted boxes that are perfectly designed to supply each dog in terms of size, preference, and dietary needs. 


Fresh treat boxes each month 

Then, each month, your box is delivered right to your doorstep. Your puppy will love the great surprises in store, and you'll be helping out a cause that benefits pets all over the world. Each box that is shipped supports needy animals everywhere, you can avail this product at offer price with Surprise My Pet  coupon code.


Example treats

Some example goodies include Dura-Squeaks Dog Toys which float in water, as well as chicken tenders from Cadet Premium, which are 100% chicken processed in the U.S. The Smokehouse Prime Slice beef ligaments are another popular addition to the box, sourced entirely from USDA meat plants. The chews are an excellent size for bigger pups and provide plenty of variety with both beef and chicken. Surprise My Pet offers plenty of low-cost options who just want a fun treat for their pets each month, You can also take advantage of Surprise My Pet promo codes so as to make a saving on the purchases.  Visit to learn more. 

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