About The Paint Store

The Paint Store is a one-stop online shop for all your painting needs, selling an extensive range of paints and painting supplies. The paints and paint supplies are said to be of professional quality and come from a variety of different brands, many of which are well known. The paint store products sold on the website are all made in America, time to time they are offering The paint store coupons as well. You can also take advantage of The Paint Store Coupon and The Paint Store Coupon Code to make huge savings on the purchases. 


The paint store collection 

An extensive collection of paints and stains are available to suit different needs, tastes, and budgets. When you're shopping for paints, there is a wide selection of professional paint brands to choose from, like Imperial Paints, Cabot, and Modern Masters to name a few, just remember to use the paint store coupon during checkout. With each brand, there are descriptions which tell you about the brand and notable features related to their products such as their applications. This is a great way of navigating through the products to find what suits you, or you can simply search and click through to find the product you're looking for.

As well as paints, ThePaintStore.com stocks a huge range of paint supplies, from paint brushes and trays to paint clothing and safety equipment. Paint supplies are also available from reputable brands. Caulking guns, paint removers, and strippers, drywall tools, putty knives, paint scrapers, masking tape, sandpaper and sponges, and drop cloths are some of the nifty painting supplies you can find on their website, but there are much more. You're also able to purchase safety gear and painters clothing. There are many different products to choose from for each painting supply, so your choice is not limited.


The paint store Online Sales

The online purchasing process on the paint store website is secure and efficient, with different online payment options to make your online purchase. The site is easy to navigate, with an extensive collection of paints and supplies to find. The products and brands come with accurate and useful the paint store coupon code which can help you decide which product you want to buy. 

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