Westwood Sunglasses Review

The need for eyewear is often underrated but it is important to get a good pair of shades for one’s eyes. The sun is not quite friendly to the state of our eye health with harmful UV rays out there. Aside from health, a good pair of shades enhances one’s look. The world now is image oriented and having an attractive image equals opportunities, one looks cool and marketable. The challenge now is getting a place where one will get a pair of quality, high standard shades which will serve the dual purpose of safeguarding health and enhancing looks. One does not need to look far, one only needs to get online and they will find what they are looking for, you can avail the discounted price with West wood sunglasses coupon Code.

The online store is simple looking, it does not complicate things, wherever one needs to find information they will get it with ease. The store’s logo is easy to identify with although there aren’t too many graphics. The store’s theme colors are green, white and black. And by the look of things, they have optimized for social media as they are sharable on networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

This online store sells sunglasses and T-shirts but they primarily deal in eyewear. Theirs’ is a unique enterprise as they sell wooden frame sunglasses. The sunglasses are handcrafted and made into appealing sunglasses made of wooden frames. Westwood Sunglasses objective is to protect the eye health of their customers against harmful rays and give them a fresh look while they don those sunglasses. That is what their brand represents. The shades are lightweight being made of wood, they are flexible and comfortable. The brands of sunglasses they sell include the likes of Zebrawood, Tundra, Tapestry, Coal, Smoke, Tattoo, Bamboo, Temple and Totem. They have collections such as the Tribal collection. Each of these brands has a different color and aesthetics placed on it. They differ in price and design. They have varying qualities which separate them and would form the line of preferences in customers, You can also take advantage of West wood sunglasses promo code so as to make a saving on the purchases.

Loyal and new customers ofwestwoodsunglasses.com appreciate the novelty of the store selling wooden framed shades given the market is flooded with plastic and metallic frames. On the functionality side, the lenses on the glasses provide the very protection that they promise from harmful rays. Their sunglasses are affordable to many who want to access them, one of the reasons they are visited frequently. They like these glasses because they can be worn in water, so they can be worn at a pool party. The reviews coming in for both the store and their services are mostly positive. Many reviewers remarked on the uniqueness of the products, that is wooden sunglasses, and the variety of designs they had access to. Customers liked the simplicity of going through the store online saying it was a pleasant experience. The affordability of the sunglasses did not go unnoticed either. Customers used words such as gorgeous’ to describe the shades while some used phrases like fallen in love’ to express their enjoyment of wearing them. Those of a contrary opinion expressed doubt on the durability of the shades with some saying they broke quickly. While some people expressed apathy for them being wooden sunglasses given the popularity of metal and plastic shades. 

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