Prepares Your Child for the Future Digital World

Toys are good for the little ones. But how about giving them a toy that helps them develops useful skills they need to survive in the future? Introducing dash and dot, the programmable robots from the wonder workshop. These robots come with applications that allow your kids program them, using simple picture based codes, so they can behave the way the kids want them to behave. you can avail the discounted price with Make Wonder coupon Code.


Purchasing and Free Shipping

Getting dash and dot are very easy. All you have to do is go to, sing up and then order your own copy. The site offers free shipping to US and Canada, and a load of apps, accessories and packs, you can use Wonder Workshop Promo code for better savings. Make use of Make Wonder Coupons and coupon codes to save money on your purchase.


MakeWonder Apps

the site provides you with 5 free apps you can download into your preferred devices like apple and android devices. Apps like GO show the kid’s basic controls and provides guidelines on how to code dash and dot. The WONDER app delivers the world of robotics, artificial intelligence and engineering to kids 8 years and above. Through this app, kids can turn dash and dot into any kind of robots they like. It is an opportunity for kids to know how everyday technology works. PATHS app allows the kids to create a unique pathway for racing and adventure that involves animation, special abilities and sound. The XYLO app turns the robots into musical geniuses. 


Packs and accessories

Apart from apps, also provides so many packs and accessories, that can help the kids achieve even more of their wild imaginations. There are packs and accessories designed for play while educator packs allow them to integrate the robots into their school and classroom works. 

Dash and dot are ideal for children 8 years and above and is compatible with Lego. It helps kids develop creative minds, introducing them to a world of coding, engineering, algorithms and problem solving. The site provides you with information about device compatibility and returns policy guarantee. 

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