Garden Art Inspired Brand Value: Are You Ready?

How businesses, organizations, individuals can enhance their brand value. Tips for value addition with garden art.

Artworks are highly valuable in today’s world that appreciates beauty. Businesses, organizations, and individual homes get a value boost with appropriate artwork. It is a scenario where organizations or persons get showers of appreciation from art lovers who praise the art. Sculptors are prolific creating marvelous stone works to beautify cities, gardens, and interiors. Is there something for you?

Yeah, the point of the matter is stone garden statues attract the attention of small and large organizations, hotels, resorts, and of course the wealthy and famous who want to enhance their brand value with thematic arts. Brands are not just quality of your product. There are several other things to incorporate to become a known name. The secret is in the themes.

Details are in Themes

We often hear a saying, the devil is in the details. When it comes to garden art, the devil is very much in the variety of themes. The details are in the ideas that came from the thoughts of the creative head or the imagination of the sculptor. Industry sectors want to create a good image among their internal and external stakeholders. Therefore they look forward on ideal themes or ready-made stone works that have artistic value.

Stone Garden Statues from

Understanding this sensibility, garden statue shops offer their range of works to the builders and architects. is an online platform offering design gardens to the rich and famous. This store has been in existence since 1999. Here you can buy featured products like head planters, angels, religious figures, ducks, flower pots, etc.

When products are sculpted in stones the question of quality doesn’t arise. Now our search is on themes and what product for whom. This will help various stakeholders to make the mutually advantageous association. Let us examine a few themes.

Gardeners Chess Set is a unique theme conceptualized and presented by Dsgardenshop. The preferred background for this beautiful piece is underneath a green tree. This product is available for $299.00 – $411.13. For hotels that want to offer a discussion ambiance can use this product in their garden. So are the businesses having large campuses to impress their workforce? Buy this with Accents in the Garden Coupon. You can avail fabulous discounts.

Girl Holding Dove is a theme similar to Happy Prince a story of Oscar Wilde. Such themes are ideal for the government to place inside the prison campus to bring about transformation in the minds of convicts. This is available at $109.00 – $149.88. Also, this is an excellent theme for organizations to attract women talent as they will surely appreciate this artwork. This product is handcrafted in solid cast-stone made with integrated coloring. Interested, don’t just appreciate; own it.

Meditating Dog is a paradoxical theme. Dogs are supposed to be brisk and noisy. Then what must be the reason for this creative theme called the meditating dog, some may wonder. The embedded theme is tranquility to create an ambiance of peace and meditation. Think of this angle; humans are delinquent especially the juvenile ones. It is a subtle message for executives to remain tranquil although animal instincts may try to overcome them.

Now combine this with the loyalty factor which is the intrinsic nature of canines. So, the message is loyalty and peace ideal for the best corporate culture. So, businesses keep the meditating dog in your campuses or offices to convey this excellent message to retain your staff. This product is available for $75.00 – $103.13. Buy this without delay.

Vintage Baby Duckling - Love for the animal is something new. But love for birds is not new. It was from time immemorial. The concept of ducks quacking near streams is an excellent sight. Like this, this store has a concept called Vintage Baby Duckling that is pleasing to your eyes. This is ideal for a garden setup be it your home garden, corporate campuses, or hotel/resort gardens. The stone ducks are available for $17.99 – $24.74. Individuals can consider gifting ducks to their friends or loved ones.

Stone garden statues are for sale. If you are a religious person, consider buying stone garden, Buddha. Make every effort to promote garden art. You will indeed become the cynosure of all eyes during informal meetings.