Sleep Deprived? Check if Your Mattress is The Culprit!

Is it high time you change your mattress? Try the Nolah’s air foam technology…

Body aches due to mattress

Everyone needs sleep. Period. There isn’t too much you can do about it. But, how well do you feel after the rest is up to you? After a good day’s work, we all need a quality sleep. Waking up with a sore body, aching back and feeling tired is up to no good. If you are sleeping the whole eight hours in the night and still do not feel rested, then it must be something to do with the mattress. It’s time to rethink your choice of the bed.

Rule out these possibilities before you pinpoint on mattress as the culprit

Sleep disturbances

Studies found that 60-70 million Americans face the sleep disorders during some or the other time of their lives. Before you decide on changing the mattress, rule out these possibilities

  • If you are dozing off in the afternoons for an extended period, then you are more likely to miss the quality sleep during the nights.
  • Not following a regular sleep pattern could also affect the sleep quality negatively.
  • Check if you are taking alcohol late in the evening. Alcohol consumption right before your sleep reduces the production of the sleep hormone called ‘Melatonin’ leading to disrupted sleep.
  • Figure out if your bedroom environment is not optimum. The factors include temperature, noise, external light,
  • Eating late in the evening, right before retiring to bed is also said to disrupt sleep. Maintaining a low-carb diet if you eat late will help, or it is suggested to have a meal at least 4 hours before going to bed.
  • Also, strike off the possibilities of diseases that lead to sleep disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, asthma, hyperthyroidism, chronic pains, or Parkinson’s disease.

When is it time to change your mattress?

Mattress problems

Many people find it hard to sleep at home but tend to sleep well in hotels. If you happen to be one among them, then a quick analysis on your mattress is highly recommended. The star hotels use high-quality mattresses which could be the reason why you might have slept well.

  • In case you fail to remember the last time you bought your mattress. The Better Sleep Council suggests that one needs to upgrade a mattress every 7-10 years.
  • If you feel tired in spite of good night’s rest, then mattress could be the reason.
  • Inspect your mattress for lumps, or for unusual sags in few parts than the other parts of the bed.
  • In case you are tossing and turning whole night, and your partner also is facing a similar issue.
  • If you find your recliner or couch a better option to sleep as compared to your bed.

Tip: Before you change the mattress, ask for a trial period. A study showed, people suffering from insomnia found that their overall sleep quality improved by 60% during a 28-day trial period.

Which is the best mattress?

memory foam mattress

While choosing the best mattress is subjective to every individual, the memory foam, and latex mattresses are believed to be the top selling mattresses. The air mattress and the spring mattresses are thought to cause backache problems, and the latex mattresses tend to be pricey. Though the memory foam mattress is perfect in many aspects, the “memory” feature of the bed also leads to preserving the heat. The viscoelastic nature of the mattress makes it difficult to dissipate heat. The ‘viscous’ feature makes the mattress sink under constant pressure to adjust to the body contours. The ‘elastic’ characteristic of the memory foam mattress helps it to get back to its usual form. However, in the process, the memory foam mattresses tend to store the body heat within the bed.

How does Nolah air foam mattress work?

Nolah Air Foam Mattress

What is air foam mattress? The Nolah’s air foam mattress is better than the memory foam, and the latex mattress as the air foam resolves the heating aspect of the bed and the technology makes it available for an affordable price. The Nolah’s air foam mattress is made of CertiPUR-US certified foam and is completely free of harmful chemicals. The Nolah air foam mattress is free of temperature retention as it is capable of dissipating the heat 20% faster than the memory foam mattress.

What’s more, Nolah offers a 120-day trial period for those who want to test the mattress before they purchase. In a nutshell, Nolah air foam mattress is a perfect solution for all the bed related problems in the market.

Use Nolah Mattress Coupons for best mattress sale deals.

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Women’s Clothing – ‘What You Wear’ is Imperative

Change your mindset; time to focus on what you wear!

women's clothing

This blog is for all the women who think of clothing as – ‘It’s not what you wear,’ but ‘it’s why you wear.’ The fashion critic Kennedy Fraser made a statement in The New Yorker sometime back saying that the topic of women’s clothing is so trivial that it is beneath the level of debate. But, how far is the theory correct? Many fashion magazines had apparently agreed to his approach. But, we beg to differ in this matter.

Why is clothing vital to us?

While why we wear clothes is very important, it only makes up for a part of why clothing is significant to all of us. ‘What you wear’ has the same weighting as ‘why your wear.’

Let’s first see ‘why we wear clothes.’

Dressing for Warmth: Ever since the humans have evolved to be free from body hair, they needed some warmth. Scientists believe that it must be around that time, people must have started wearing some protection. Scientists have found proof dating back to 170,000 years which show that people used animal hides as a means for shielding their body. The use of clothes, textiles is estimated to have started some 27,000 years ago. Why did this change happen when the humans were content with the animal hides for warmth?

humans with body hair

The sense of fashion came as early as 5500 BC when the ancient Egyptians started producing linen. Around 4000 B.C. the Chinese were believed to produce silk. Clothes were used not for just warmth, but for fashion as well. Around 36,000 years back the first dyed fabric was introduced. People who used to wear clothes over their shoulders and pin it up at waist began to change their way of dressing. They started wearing form-fitting clothes to make themselves look attractive. Use of laces at seams, buttons were introduced as an effort to make the clothes aesthetically pleasing.

Dressing for Comfort: While the similar form of dressing made sense for both genders, clothing as such changed. They diversified clothing into women’s clothing and men’s clothing. Both sexes started adopting the ideal form of dress that best suits them.

woman in skirts

As women used to stay predominantly at home managing the household, skirts worked best for them. The trousers, though worn by modern women for comfort; typically qualified as men’s clothing. The pants give easier access to the men during hunting or climbing as compared to any other form of restrictive clothing.

The factors that show that ‘what we wear’ is also essential

fashionable woman

Fashion dictates ‘what you wear.’ No matter what kind of clothes people adopted, contemporary fashion has always ruled. It played a significant role in governing how garments should be assembled, constructed, dyed to convey a message.

 ‘What you wear’ defines who you are: Clothes you wear tell a lot of things. ‘What you wear’ in other words is the dress code. It says a lot about the social status of the person. The expensive designer clothing, jewelry you wear keeps you from physical labour and often is the distinguishing factor between the boss and the labourer.

Scottish kilt

The clothes also speak volumes about your ethnicity. For example, Scotts wear kilts, tracht is a traditional dress in Germany, Austria, saris form the ethnic women’s clothing in India, people wear conic hats in Vietnam.

Fashion Clothes for seduction game: It’s is universally accepted that clothes affect the mood, and emotions of people.

red dress woman's clothing


Not only wearing specific garments show the opposite gender that you are sexually available, but several dresses and colors are also used to set the mood for seduction.  For example, studies claim that red-colored women’s clothing increases her sex appeal and makes her more approachable.

Following the latest fashion trends make you feel confident and attractive. Fashion also offers a chance to break the stereotype and keeps the boredom at bay.

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Beware! Your Face Mightn’t Tell Your Age; Something Else Just Could

The best skin care products out there can keep your face youthful, but what about these body parts…?

A lady at 36 felt quite happy when her beau told her that she looks like 25. Her face lit up, and she thought that he made her day. Just then his looks dropped to her hands, and he said, “But your hands give away.”

youthful face

Your face may look ten years younger, but your hands could spill the beans. In today’s era, women are fighting the age by using various age-defying creams or home treatments and are quite successful at maintaining the youthful look. But, unfortunately, the supple young look is only restricted until there. The back of the hands often is a telltale sign of your age or quite possibly show even more than you are, if proper care isn’t taken.

Four parts of your body other than face that gives away your age

Back of hands:

back of hands

Why do hands age faster? The beauty experts say that the lack of enough fat on the back of our hands expedite the ageing process on the hands. The skin is naturally thin on the back of the hands and has fewer oil glands. As such the back of the hands often have the loose texture and are not that taut as compared to any other part of the body. With age, the skin becomes even looser. Moreover, women’s hands often come in contact with soaps, detergents, which play havoc on the ageing process of hands. In addition to these, the harmful ultra-violet rays and the age factor cause the breakage of the collagen or the elastic fibers resulting in a wrinkled, scaled skin.

How to keep your hands youthful?

Just like you take care of your face, focus on your hands as well. Follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing regimen, massage your hands with thick cream and follow a weekly manicure pattern. These steps will keep the skin on the back of your hands smooth and supple.

Also, you may even try Professional Protective Hand Cream from Barielle which is available at $10. However, you may use exclusive Barielle Coupons for additional 20% off on all anti-ageing products.


calluses on feet

By the time you hit 40, your feet start developing corns and calluses. They turn into a wrinkled mess. Replace the wrinkled feet with soft crack free feet by following these tips. Home treatments like applying olive or sesame oil can help reduce wrinkles on feet. In case of cracks, a pumice store or a scrubber remove the dead cells. Following it up with the application of foot cream can help reduce cracks on feet.

You may try Barielle’s 60-second Mani-Pedi cure available at $25 for hand and feet care. Make use of the beauty products on sale from Barielle.


undereye bags

As we grow old, you may observe many changes around the eyes. The eyelids tend to lose their elasticity, and the muscles that support them begin to get weaker. As a result, the extra fat accumulates around your eye. Your once expressive tell-all eyes will be hidden behind the ugly looking eye bags underneath.

While there are home remedies to reduce the puffiness, the best anti-ageing skin care products are available of late that indeed work wonders.

You may try AM Puffy eye cream for best results available only at $30.00.Additionally, you may also check out the Line Eraser 90 sec Wrinkle Reducer from Barielle as well for reducing the fine lines around the eyes.



nail texture


The condition of nails tells a lot more things than you can imagine. Diseases like eczema, psoriasis, lung disorders, and much more can be identified by merely looking at the texture of nails. But, did you know, like hair, the growth of nails and their texture also change as we grow? Nails become brittle; they thicken and change color. At 50, you might look like 35, but to keep anyone from guessing your age, start taking care of your nails right away.

How to take care of fingernails?

Many of us love to maintain long polished nails. But, unfortunately, many nail problems like chipping and breaking arise especially when you have them freshly polished. Apart from, regular trimming of your nails in shape, you need to moisturize your nails, and a good manicure can help in keeping them in excellent condition.

You may apply nail products from Barielle. They offer nail strengthener cream for $10; for additional savings click on Barielle Coupon codes. You can also go for the French manicure kit from Barielle which is also available at $10 through coupons. Barielle offers only the top skin care products online.

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