5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts to Enjoy as a Couple

Last updated on February 7th, 2019

Give your love a unique gift this Valentines Day

The average American spends nearly $145 on Valentines Day gifts each year, and it’s safe to say that not every present is going to be something that a loved one wants. Flowers die. Chocolates melt. These five Valentine’s Day gifts will create sweet memories to share forever. So instead of buying the usual jewelry, candy, and flowers this year, why not do something different? Buy your valentine an experience a day out, A Meal kit, A couple’s Massage, Attending a Concert and more than the two of you can enjoy as a couple instead.
Need some ideas? Here are five Valentines Day gifts to experience together that you and your partner will love.

5 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas

1. Get Away from It All

One of the best ways to experience the national day of love as a couple is to take a trip. It doesn’t have to be an exotic vacation or an extended getaway. You can stay overnight in a local city at a hotel that always looked interesting, or plans a weekend at a resort in the Catskills that still has heart-shaped hot tubs in the guest rooms.
Or take a day trip in the car to some towns you’ve always been curious about visiting. The two of you may discover a favorite new restaurant or attraction that you can visit again.

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2. Get a Couple’s Massage

Many spas offer massages and other services for couples. It is a great way to chill out together after a stressful week and enjoy a pampering service together.
Afterward, when you’re feeling refreshed and beautiful, you may want to check out your favorite local restaurant for a romantic dinner. Combining these two activities in one day is a great way to express your love with passion.
3. Try a New Activity Together

Is there a sport or activity that you and your partner have been curious about trying? Book a cross country skiing lesson, learn indoor rock climbing or take a sushi making class.
Learning a new skill together may help the two of you discover one more thing you have in common with each other.
4. Attend a Concert

Together can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday. It also shows your loved one that you care about them and their interests.
If your favorite band isn’t together anymore, buy a DVD of one of their performances and pick up some favorite snacks and beverages to enjoy during the show. If the two of you share fandom for the same band (or even if you don’t) giving tickets to a concert.

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5. Buy Them a Wine or Meal Kit Subscription

Surprise your valentine with a meal kit delivery service or wine subscription, and you’ll be giving a gift that you know both of you will love. A meal that you make yourself will strengthen your bond, while a different wine each month can be sipped and savored together.
Which Valentines Day Gifts for Couples Would You Try?
Think out of the box when it comes to giving Valentines Day gifts and think about providing experiences instead. Which of these five ideas for couples’ Valentines Day gifts would you try?
Here at Coupon To Pay, we have plenty more gift ideas for all holidays and occasions. If you’d like more great ideas, check out our latest posts on gifts.

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