Which is Better – Travel Packages or Private Tours?

Last updated on November 3rd, 2017

City Passes like New York Pass make your travel worthwhile during private tours

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 The holidays are here again. Can you visualize a better way to spend it than to visit theme parks and exotic locations with the entire family? So much to accomplish, so many places to visit! You need to find the perfect destination for your holidays though; one that is just right for the kind of experience you have dreamed of. You should also decide if you want a travel package from world travel companies or private journeys. There is a lot to explore and learn, so get out there and have the fun of your life.

 Holiday packages or private journeys?

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 Some people like to travel in the company of others while some prefer privacy in their holiday journeys. As a tourist and fun seeker, you have the option of choosing either travel packages or private tours. Primarily, one may not be better than the other; what matters is your preference and way you prefer to have fun.

While travel packages include just as many options, they are designed to satisfy the tastes of tourists in general. The packages typically include touring in groups. Private journeys provide you with complete privacy and offer the advantage of traveling at leisure. You can make your own set of choices and preferences along the way. You can decide on where and when you want to go and travel by yourself or with the family. Private journeys afford you the opportunity to choose your destinations and travel all by yourself with, of course, the companionship and care of the tour company’s guides, vehicles, and drivers. Private journeys are excellent for couples, families, or free-spirited travelers who want an adventure based on their taste. Here is where the New York passes, or City pass comes in handy. They help you choose and plan your locations to save you money and help you skip the queue.

Advantages of private journeys 

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That great moment we long for during holiday travels is usually the simple thing that forms your experience on the journey. Private journeys have so many advantages for people who want to enjoy the flexibility of deciding on their own adventures.

Unlike other tour options that subject you to specific timing and travel, private journeys give you the power to go and have fun at your convenience.

As long as your budget and schedule allow it, you can choose the length of your tours as much as you want, without any obstacles or restrictions.

Tours companies help fun seekers gain access to exclusive experience. Such an experience can make all the difference since it is not available for the general public. Exclusive experience can be anything from luncheon at a local chef’s residence to winemaker’s private tasting.

Take the trip the way you want with your New York pass. With private tours, you choose the activities you want to take part in and decide the kind of people you want to come along.

Tour operators work with you to build your dream experience and are more than ready to schedule your vacation the best way it works for you.

You have the chance to select the kind of hotels you want, order the dishes you want, and access experience drivers in any city.

Enjoy comfortable, and luxury minibus and private car selected just for you, and travel in your own style and pace.

Private journeys are also the best tour plan for people with disability, the elderly, or family with small children, because of their need for specialized care.

Starlinetours.com is a tours company that puts together the tour options with several locations within a city, where you can find city tours that suit your desires. Most people planning to go on holiday have a specific destination in mind. They might want to go on the statue of liberty tours in New York or visit the skywalk observatory in Boston. With Starline Tours, you can select tours of New York, Universal Studios, Disney land, Legoland, or New York City bus tours, or visit the Clearwater aquarium in Florida individually or city-wise. These holiday tours can be booked online, and they offer everyone the best adventure in sightseeing, celebrity tours and stars’ homes, holiday fun, city tours, and theme park fun. 

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Best must-see theme park suggestions to visit with the family 

 Theme parks offer unlimited fun for individuals, couples, and the family. Visiting theme parks help burn calories, relieve stress, improve your mood, overcome fears, and foster bonding between family and friends. Here are three of the best theme parks to visit.

Disneyland in California

Disneyland is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. It is an enchanting world of images, sounds, beauty, color, and elegance. Visitors can celebrate their birthdays, go shopping, have a meal or see a show. You can also watch a parade, meet your favorite Disney characters, and enjoy the rides.

Hershey Park in Pennsylvania

Hershey Park located in Hershey, Derry Township, Pennsylvania, is also an incredible place to visit. Here, there is no boundary to what you can do or the fun you can have. Visitors can take part in seasonal shows like cookie workshop and visit with Santa. You can also visit zoo America to see exotic animals or go dining at places like Chick-fil-A, coal cracker pretzel, comet creamery, dunkin’ donuts, and gourmet grills.

Universal Studios Hollywood is fun unlimited. There is so much to do, games to play, and fun to have than you can imagine. At Universal Studios Hollywood, you can go for rides and attractions like harry potter and the forbidden journey, King Kong 360 3D, the walking dead attraction, and Simpsons ride. You can also dine at top-rated restaurants and café, participate in frog choir and raptor encounter, or take part in events and seasonal activities.

 Citypass.com offers CityPass tickets to have exclusive access and skip ticket lines. The website offers ticket purchases and savings for California CityPASS admission that includes Disneyland parks, Legoland, and sea world, San Diego. If you are visiting other cities, they also offer New York Pass, or exclusive statue of liberty tickets, city pass Chicago, etc.

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Holiday tours and travels are what you and your family need for the coming season. There are new places to see, new fun to have, and amazing people to meet. Book private journeys to the best fun destinations the world has to offer with Starline Tours and City Pass.


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