Can Call Traders Reduce Risk with Covered Call Investment Tools?

Last updated on September 6th, 2017

An options platform that easily tracks portfolio performance and an adjustable screener to find options is highly recommended for call traders.

Who is not interested in leading a flamboyant life with the help of quick earnings from the stock market? Most of the people may be interested but due to the inherent risks in stock trading many are cautious about buying stocks. And those who are interested in stock trading will looking for techniques to offset the downside risk of stock trading. It is at this stage some may think about using functionality tools to sell stocks. Sensing such demands IT vendors are also gearing up with IT tools for stock trading.

Who is is an IT vendor offering Covered Call Screener and Portfolio Management Software to existing and aspiring stock traders. Investors have options strategy to generate income from the asset they hold. Bullish investors definitely need online tools to check covered call deals in time. This will enable them to sell call options at a premium when the valuation increases. The option strategist looks for the best stock trading tools to sell the covered call.

Understanding the Right Portfolio Management Software

An ideal Covered Call Screener and Portfolio Management Software should help t o take fast decisions.  The trader’s challenge is to write the covered call before the expiry. We need to learn more the effectiveness of this software. Our intention is to study what is the best software for stock trading.

Portfolio software

Unless you understands the utility of the Call Screener, you should not buy this product. That is why it is important to check the call screener first. Your requirement is for a fast screener. In the screen provided you can find filters like Expiration, Moneyness, and Sector. This helps to refine the results. Here you can see the company name and by clicking the column heading you can see the results. Now let us think about competitive stock tools.

Check from Utilitarian Point of View

Fast screener: Now ask a question to you. If your requirement is just utility, then Borntosell software is more utilitarian in comparison with other tools that may provide thousands of bells and whistles. If you are a savvy investor, you need to choose a fast screener to update quotes during peak market time. The ease of using comes when you drag the thumbs in another position to observe the resulting covered calls faster.


Database: The next important concern of call investors is about the database. How many covered calls you can provide in the call screener? Naturally they think this owing to their interest in ROI. The utility comes when you have information like buy-write combinations of underlying symbol, strike price, and expiration date to take informed decisions. Besides covered call screener has information like all ex-dividend dates, amounts, earnings release dates etc.

Scan quickly: The last important criteria is in saving time. When it comes to business you really mean it. This software helps to scanning quickly thousands of new trade possibilities helping you to earn real dollars. In contrast to this, do you want spend time creating or updating spreadsheets? Obviously the answer will be no. Therein lies the higher utility value of Borntosell functionality tool. Lastly, this software takes care of record keeping allowing to you decide which covered call to invest soon.

Check Borntosell Reviews Before Buying

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One contented buyer wrote like this, “”Finally an options platform that easily tracks portfolio performance.” Ultimately there is a great responsibility involved where Borntosell provides tutorial immensely helpful for first time users. After all, an award winning store like Borntosell that was in the 1st place in the Trading Software category during TraderPlanet STAR Award contests, knows the market dynamics than many other stock trading software vendors. That should be the reason for you also to buy Portfolio Management Software from

$499 a year, $59 per month, and $149 for three months is their service charges. While purchasing please be sensible by buying with Born To Sell Coupons and Born To Sell Promo codes.

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