Career Ideas – Teach English Abroad with TEFL Certification

TEFL Certifications can benefit you hugely to find a career as English Trainer in different parts of the world.


A few Semitic religions say one should live like a traveler. Leave religion aside; most of us love traveling. Hope everyone agrees to it. Working in a corporate setup is highly demanding for many. Some went to the extent of bursting out telling life is slavery. That is how continuous learning, deadlines, office politics, and other pressures taking a toll. In the employment scenario, we see tens of thousands of university graduates who keep their professions intact with much difficulty.

On the other hand are the millions who are not that qualified or out of a job due to economic uncertainties or technology obsolescence. Yes, there are reasons to worry. Don’t you feel so?

Are You Looking for Decent Career Platform?

Here is the good news for people who have worries on career uncertainties or looking for a decent career platform – a job teaching English abroad with TEFL Certification. Having come thus far, need we check the demand and supply scenario in detail? Yes, it is important that we have detailed information on the credentials of the course, course content, and facts of people who found gainful employment. Let us check one by one.


Why TEFL Certification?

Our focus is why online TEFL certification? To teach English as a foreign language in a non-native English speaking country, one requires a TEFL Certification. Schools and language institutes in EU nations or Americas want teachers who have certifications in TEFL courses. Here, you don’t need a degree in education, prior teaching experience, a college degree for paid English teaching. Does this sound good? The changes in economies are looking for certified professionals who are armed with teaching skills to train thousands of workers who have to communicate with English in the digital era.

Turn Inspirational

Turn inspirational

You are an unemployed person with high school education, or a university graduate buys unable to find a career in your career option you have identified. Here is an interesting scenario for you to turn inspirational. You travel to many countries for short training, and you have the income to support you and your family. How is the option? In a nutshell, you are a traveler always exploring foreign shores, imparting knowledge, raising income, and indulge in fun wherever you go.

Exploring many nations, mingling with the local people, learning about the culture of the citizens will automatically enhance your people skills other than teaching competencies. So, it is high time to get off your fixed way of thinking and embrace new realities. Are you ready?

Course Facts

TEFL Grads

Check for reviews and learn more about TEFL deals, TEFL jobs abroad, and TEFL internships. Now we need to know about the coursework. They have 120 hours, 150 hours, 180 hours, 240-hour courses that are named as premium and advanced ones. Make online course deal with Premier Tefl Coupon Codes and Promo Codes. You can save on cost front with this.

  • You need to undergo at least 6-20 hours of practicum (live practice teaching with actual non-native English speaker).
  • An accredited curriculum from a recognized organization within the field.
  • Instruction from a qualified instructor (who has an equivalent to a Master Degree in TESOL or related field).

Those who underwent their certification say, doing practice exams is the best way to achieve success on the TEFL exam.

You should know about the credibility also. TEFL has a partnership with Cambridge ESOL, a UK-based exam board. Be informed of one thing. The British Council accepts certificates that have at least 100 hours of tuition.

Travel and teach

Are You Ready for English Teaching Jobs?

I can assure you that personally, it will inspire you. Now, time for action. If you have a call to train hundreds of people in the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa choose Premier TEFL certifications, TEFL paid internships for TEFL jobs abroad. You can spend a good part of your life offshore with diverse language groups, races, and cultures. Yes,  TEFL courses are promising. Go for it.


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