Can Guitar Books Realistically Teach A Person The Right Way To Play Guitar?


Ready To Learn The Guitar?

Buying a guitar is easy enough. Learning how to play the guitar will require a lot more effort. You could achieve a certain level of prowess if you hired a teacher, but that costs money, and sometimes lots of it. A less expensive, but often highly effective way of learning how to play your guitar is to consider using a guidebook. Look at the benefits and drawbacks to using a guidebook to see if your learning style is compatible with this kind of instruction.

Besides affordability, lesson books offer some advantages over teachers. You will discover far more options with books than with local instructors. You can browse before you buy by wandering through music stores or hunting online.

You can take a lesson from a book whenever you want, but with a teacher, you will be at the mercy of his or her schedule. With no time for weekly lessons, you can squeeze in several short sessions throughout the week. Weather and transportation are never an issue when studying at home. If you forget a skill you learned in a lesson, you have to wait until you can ask your teacher. If you forget what you learned in your player’s manual, you can look it up on the spot. Playing at home relieves any discomfort you may feel about playing in front of others.


A major problem with learning from a book is that it can be easy to find excuses not to practice. There is no teacher to motivate you to practice, no recital to encourage mastery, and no fellow students to encourage you. You should therefore consider your personality seriously before determining your approach to learning guitar. Will you be able to work with a guidebook without losing interest at the challenging part of the lessons? If you have a record of not following through, a guidebook is not for you. This might be a less affordable option, but you’ll be able to gain more out of it if lessons fit your personality better than a manual.

A second disadvantage is the impersonal approach that learning with books presents. Often a self-taught student will struggle with a concept or misunderstand the application. Without a teacher to set you back on the right path, you might struggle unnecessarily. Without this input, you could find that you are not progressing as quickly as you thought. To circumvent this issue, find a guitar-playing mentor that could lend a critical ear. You can also consider working with books that are accompanied by supportive media options such as a demonstrative DVD.

After you have made the decision to buy a guide book, consider the nature of the book that you should buy. Assuming you have no musical experience, find a book that will educate you on the basics of music along with the beginning steps of playing guitar. You will want a book that includes both exercises and musical selections that allow you to progress at a steady pace. A children’s book or basic adult book is a great place for the novice to begin. These books provide players with a strong musical base. When you progress all the way through a beginner’s book, you can move on to books for advanced levels. The essential consideration is to purchase a guidebook that suits your abilities and learning needs.

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Learning guitar with a book is an affordable way for the self-motivated, independent learner to succeed with a fun instrument. Even advanced players can benefit by polishing their skills and adding new techniques learned through a book. A manual, a passion to succeed, and a dedication to the art will merge to make you a phenomenal guitarist over time.

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How to Use a Treadmill Calorie Calculator to Meet Weight Loss Goals


Finding the best treadmill calorie calculator is a great way to determine exactly how many calories you are burning while you’re running those miles at the gym. In essence, the amount of calories you burn depends on a few things: your weight, how fast you are running, what your incline is, and how much time you spend doing the exercise. 

For example, most people burn about 100 calories for every mile they run, while walking burns about 70. However, a male runner weighing 260 pounds will burn more calories per mile than a female who ways 130 pounds. So you can use a treadmill calorie calculator to figure out exactly how much you’ll burn for every mile run.  

Nutrition First Treadmill Calorie Calculator 

When you visit Nutrition First’s calorie calculator, it will prompt to you for total body weight, distance run, time spent running, and what grade you were running at. Then it will tell you your speed, both in mph and minutes per mile, the METS you’ve acquired for running, and how many calories per minute you’ve burned. This is a great way to figure out how much you’re burning for your exercise regime and if you need to increase the intensity of your workouts.  

ShapeSense Running Calorie Calculator 

Another great tool is the running treadmill calorie calculator from ShapeSense. With this tool you can estimate total calories burned either on the treadmill or outside, but it is primarily built for treadmill usage. It also takes into account your total fitness level. More calories will be burned for each grade the incline of your running surface goes up, while fewer are burned as you lower it to a lesser grade. 

Fitness level can be determined trough VO2max correlation, which is considered as the link between VO2max and the cost of running energy are correlated. Thus you will burn less calories if you are more fit.  

How Each Method Works 

To use this calculator, simply enter your age, weight in pounds, and 20 second resting heart rate, as well as whether you were on the treadmill or not. Next, you will be prompted to enter your running surface grade and the distance you have run in either kilometers or miles. 

This calculator uses a specifically proven method from Harvard University’s public health institute to determine how many calories you’re burning while running. With this tool, it’s extremely easy to figure out what your total expenditure is on the treadmill, and therefore how much weight you might have lost in total.  

An Important Factor in Weight Loss Goals 

Having a treadmill calorie calculator can seriously help your weight loss goals. If you know that 3600 calories are in one pound, then you can determine how many miles you will need to run to burn off one pound (averaging about 100 calories burned per mile). You can then factor how much you should reduce intake in your diet, calorie-wise, and how this can further help you lose weight. 

But using a treadmill calculator will help you more accurately figure out exactly how many calories you’re burning while running or walking since it takes into account your fitness level, age, and weight, which the built in settings on the machine may not do. 

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The Lull After The Holidays – Making January More Livable

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After the holiday excitement has passed, many people feel a little let down by the quiet atmosphere and cold temperatures of January. However, you can look forward to this chilly month if you schedule activities designed to help you re-charge after the holiday rush.

Take Advantage of Sales

For the avid shopper, January provides a number of sales that allow you to stock up on items you might need or want for the rest of the year. A day at the mall can get you out of the house and out of the cold, while providing good prices for needed items.

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland

If you live in the snowy North, January is a good time to enjoy outdoor activities with your family. Cross-country skiing, ice-skating and snowmobiling offer good exercise opportunities and plenty of memorable fun. Many local communities and resorts offer special winter events and prices after the holiday season.

Cook Up A Storm

The lazy days of January, when many people are stuck indoors with snowstorms and frigid temperatures, are a great opportunity to try out that cookbook you got for Christmas or enjoy slow-cooked meals that you don’t usually have the time to make. You can get the kids involved in preparation and cooking, while enjoying new recipes and foods.

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Take A Trip

Many families have learned the pleasure of scheduling a special getaway in January to recover from the hectic holiday schedule. A trip away from home at this time of year can put a punctuation point on the end of the previous year and can allow you to start the New Year on a more relaxed note. The trip can be as simple as a weekend at a nearby resort with an indoor pool or as special as a cruise to a warm Caribbean island. Even if your budget is tight after the holidays, you can enjoy an overnight stay with a variety of amenities.

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Get Into Shape

Everyone indulges a little too much during the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Lavish dinners, cookies, holiday candy and alcoholic beverages can all take a toll on your waistline. A good way to start the new year is to double-down on your exercise, so that you ingrain good habits and get ready to look fabulous for the summer. This is a good time to schedule a session with a personal trainer to work on problem areas that you just can’t get into the right form.

Schedule Me-Time

After the hectic pace of the holiday season, the midwinter lull in January is the perfect time to schedule “Me Time.” Many people still feel frazzled and overextended from holiday partying, family get-togethers and work events. Unplug from your electronics and indulge in something you love to do. The time may be a Sunday afternoon at the museum, attending a play or concert or a luxurious day at the spa. You can even send the spouse and kids away out of the house, so that you can indulge in extra sleep, takeout meals and getting into that book you got as a gift. Make it something you particularly enjoy so that it can be a special gift to yourself.


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