Fast But Not Furious- A Tesla Model S Review


Tesla made history with the Model S. It had a sleek exterior design, a beautiful interior, and it could perform. The starting price for such an innovative electric car was almost $60,000. It did not exactly make for an affordable entrance into the electric car world for most consumers.

With many software upgrades which Model S owners are more familiar with as the car continues to establish itself, there have been modifications made to the Model S. The 70D, for example, replaced the S60. D stands for dual motor all-wheel drive. A rear-wheel drive model is still available in the 85 Model S.

Each car is made of a sturdy aluminum body and chassis. Its battery pack sits in the floor and there is room for up to seven people if a consumer buys the car with the optional jump seats. The 17-inch touch navigation screen is like nothing else and makes controlling the car a breeze.

One thing most anyone who drives the Tesla Model S notices is how fast it can go from zero to 30 and from 30 to 60. It has an amazing power for an electric vehicle. The only thing is that once you get to a certain speed it tends to stay level. This is good for getting from one place to another, but for anyone who wants the rush of driving a car, gas-fueled vehicles still offer a certain thrill that electric vehicles, including the Model S, have yet to deliver.

Then again, the speed remains consistent and reliable. However, if you have to make it for a two-hour drive to a client’s luncheon and you get stuck in traffic along the way, you might find yourself scrambling to locate the nearest charging station. As much as this is easy enough to do through the software, there is often little consistency with charge stations themselves.

That means, that along this tour-hour example ride, you might find the charge station but it charges so slowly you end up getting to your destination at an embarrassingly late hour.

Other reviewers have noted that the rear axle of the 70 D has an odd shudder when it shifts from park to drive. People outside the car could see it and were somewhat alarmed by it. However, the driver sitting inside the car did not feel a thing.

Test runs of a whopping 100 mph have been done successfully. However, the “kW” meter on the dash will indicate the car needs a long cool-down before it should be powered on again. This is not something a gas powered car has to go through. Although, once a car ages and endures some wear and tear this is not always the case, although most people are not going to be taking their Model S’s for 100-mph joyrides either.

While the car does come with a huge price tag and a need for the installation of a charging station, it still offers a good deal of savings in operating costs in the long run.

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4 Wheel Parts Reviews – CouponToPay

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Are you interested in looking for and purchasing Jeep, truck, SUV, and/or off-road performance products? If so, you are going to likely come across 4 Wheel Parts. 4 Wheel Parts actually first went into business in 1961. At the time, it was a one man operation and it has since grown into a global leader of truck, Jeep, SUV, and off-road performance products. 55 Years later and customers are still demanding the superior service that 4 Wheel Parts provides and they continue to place an emphasis on providing it to each and every customer. In this article, we will be going over more about 4 Wheel Parts in our 4 Wheel Parts review.


4 Wheel Parts Reviews:

1. A Lot Of Retail Locations.

The first thing that you are going to notice with 4 Wheel Parts is that they have over 70 stores nationwide. In fact, the number currently sits at 73. Because of this, you should be able to stop by one of their 73 locations across North America in order to check out various products that they are stocking/selling and to get tailored service and/or advice at the same time.

2. Carefully Located Distribution Centers.

Another benefit of this particular company is that they have carefully and strategically placed distribution centers across the country which allows them to ship the products to you as quick as possible. They are able to do this by strategically stocking their inventory in various distribution centers which are located in various parts of the country which can significantly cut down on shipping time.

3. Inventory.

Regardless of what you want and need, you should be able to find it with 4 Wheel Parts. They have over $100 million dollars of inventory on hand at all times. This is inventory that spans across 600 different manufacturers. Because of this, you should be able to find exactly what it is that you are looking for without much worry.

4. Different Ways To Shop.

Some people enjoy shopping online. Whereas, some enjoy personal shopping in stores. Because of this, you are going to have multiple different ways to shop with 4 Wheel Parts. You can literally shop at anytime of the day because you will be able to browse our 4 wheel parts coupons and shop online. Also, you can call the customer service center and shop on the phone if that suits your needs more. Lastly, you can go into one of their many retail outlets and shop in person. Another benefit is that you can save on potential shipping costs by shopping online and choosing to pick up your order at a store. Regardless of which method you like the most, you are going to be able to acquire excellent and high quality parts and service at a very affordable price.

5. Service.

Because their stores are staffed with qualified technicians that have the ability and experience to install literally every product that they sell, you will also be able to receive completely thorough and friendly service when you call into their customer service center for various information and to place orders.

6. Best Prices.

Another thing that 4 Wheel Parts has going for it is the fact that they have the best prices on the market. Because they are committed to providing the best quality products at the best prices and because of their size and position within the industry, they are able to offer the absolute best deals due to their economies of scale. As a consumer, you can benefit from this by scoring high quality products at the very best prices.

As you can see above in our 4 Wheel Parts review, it is a great retail outlet where you should be able to find all kinds of performance products for your trucks, SUVs, and/or Jeeps. Be sure to check it out if you ever find yourself looking for these types of products.

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Is The Future Of Self Driving Cars At Hand?


If you hate driving behind the wheel, you’d be glad to know that self driving are no longer the stuff of the distant future. The future of self driving cars is being made  The likes of  BMW, Mercedes,and Tesla have previously launched, or are soon to produce, self-driving features that provide cars some self-driving abilities.

But it’s not just the car manufacturing giants that are on this path. Tech giants like Google are also attempting to pioneer the self-driving vehicle. Lately, Google announce that it might be testing its prototype of the driver less vehicle on streets this summer time in California.

For all intents and purposes, it’s entirely possible for us to see self-driving vehicle on the road within the next 5 years. Of course, how this impacts the economy and the future of driving in general is something that leave to the expert analysts.

However, there is one report that indicates the future of self driving cars is here today. According to one report we read, self-driving cars aren’t some advanced auto technology. You will find cars with self-driving features on the highway today.  We define the self-driving vehicle as a vehicle with features that let it accelerates, brakes, and steers a course with limited or no interaction with the driver at all.

The self-driving car be divided into two different types: the semi-autonomous and the fully autonomous. A totally autonomous car can drive to your destination and tackle all on-road situations without the need for interaction with the driver. This type of car will debut  in 2019.
You can expect to see nearly ten million fully autonomous cars in the very new future.

Fully autonomous cars are further split into user-operated and driver less automobiles. Due to regulating and insurance questions, user-operated fully autonomous cars might come within the following 5 years, while driver-less cars will arrive further down the road.

The greatest advantages of self-driving cars are that they’ll help make streets safer. Within the United Kingdom, it is estimated that the total number of deaths by self-driving cars will be no more than 2,500 within sixteen years.


However the obstacles to self-driving cars remain significant. The cost of owning this car must be lowered and rules need to be defined prior to selling them to mainstream customers.

However, there’s every indication that people are ready for this technology. Research shows that young individuals are less inclined to drive their own cars.

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