Email Marketing – Give That Extra Push Your Business Needs

Email Marketing is a time-tested platform to stay connected with your customers

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Your smartphone buzzes suddenly. You know that a new email just landed in your inbox! Today in the generation of the smartphones, you get the notifications as and when you get an email. Imagine how easy it has got to communicate with the customers. As compared to the traditional mail advertising, the email marketing has evolved to be one of the biggest marketing strategies the world has ever seen.

Email marketing Vs. Traditional mail marketing


traditional mail

What is email marketing? When they invented World Wide Web, one of the many things that skyrocketed is the email marketing. As of today; the email marketing is just a second-best marketing strategy after the search marketing where the SEO and Google AdWords play a significant role. As opposed to the traditional mail marketing, which reaches the audience only when the customer checks the mail, the email marketing ensures timely delivery of the newsletters from the businesses. The other reason why the companies resort to email marketing is the fact that the latter is one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

However, the companies need to work towards an efficient email campaigning. The customers should not be led to believe that their inbox is being spammed. This one of the primary reasons why the traditional mail marketing still exists in today’s generation.Due to a casual approach adopted by a few advertisers, the customers assume that they are being spammed and tend to take the direct mail more seriously.

The above scenario can be brought under control to a major extent. The subscribers are now offered the choice to opt out of the subscriptions in case they are not interested. To avoid such a case though, a few pointers below can help the business take up a much efficient approach to touch base with the customers.

Email marketing needn’t be spamming

email marketing is not spamming

With a few companies’ negligence to come up with a proper worked out strategy to build a healthy relationship with the customers, many of them assume that their mailboxes are being unnecessarily spammed. They think twice before sharing their email ids with the advertisers. However, we have worked out a few essential steps that can help you establish a strong rapport with your customers.

  1. Identify customer needs ⇒ shape your goals

launching a new product

The email marketing is one of the proven strategies to hook the customers. There are apparently 3 x more email accounts than a Facebook and Twitter accounts put together, which means as advertisers, you are more likely to get a response through emails than a Facebook/Twitter account.

The key is in identifying what to communicate with the customers. Establish a goal, be precise in what you are trying to communicate to the audience.

  • Are you launching a new product that the customers need to be aware?
  • Are you offering a huge discount during a festival season?
  • Are you launching a new website?
  • Intend to communicate about a new upcoming event or a function?

Identifying the goal helps you stay focused on the clear communication and before you know the customers start anticipating the emails from you.

  1. Email list is important

grow your email list

Reports say a welcome letter is a key to set a foundation, to embark on a new relationship with the customers. The next is however to engaging the existing clients. As customers are God, giving them, the top priority is always important. Import the list of existing customers to the email marketing tool makes more sense than adding new customers to the list.

Once done, the next step is to identify the new customers.

The top email marketers follow the trend of a two-step campaigning formula-

Compelling content + easy subscribe opportunities= large email list

To create a compelling content should be your next step.

  1. Focused Content is the magnet

product launch

Instead of going for just the newsletters, finding newer ways to stay connected with the audience helps build their trust. It could be the current discounts being offered or sending out the best samples of the blog content on your website, or it could be to pass on the information like the free shipping upgrade; this is the content that enlightens the audience and motivates them to subscribe.

  • Newsletters about the most happening things in a company are one of the best ways to stay in touch with the customers. Out of sight is out of mind. The newsletters help in staying on the top of the customers’ minds.
  • An email campaign letting the customers know of your recently launched products encourages them to indulge in buying.
  • Letting the customers know of the latest deals and discounts urges them to buy the products right away.
  • An email invitation to events to educate the customers to bring awareness about the latest products is the best way to keep the customers engaged.

Use the email marketing tool like in addition to following the strategies mentioned above adopted by top companies to build a robust email campaign.Top companies like Hilton, Avon, Citroen are their trusted customers who regularly depend on email campaigns to spearhead sales.  Make, the best online marketing site, your partner today to deliver business not just to the customers’ doorstep but right into the house-the Inbox.

Avail the 30-day free trial to make use of the top email marketing tool available today through GetResponse coupons or to find the best email marketing software at discounted prices.


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Choosing the Right Website Hosting Company to Begin Your Online Success

It doesn’t matter if you have a business online, a blog, or some other type of website, what you need is a great web host. Security, web site access, and important tools are a few things that a good website hosting business will provide.

When searching for the right web page hosting service, you need to remember the importance of a website running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without constant technical interruptions. Do your research, and know which companies are not just available and cheap, but reliable enough to trust with keeping your website up and running.  Along with reliability and uptime you should consider their level of support and check for any bad reviews before making a decision.

CouponToPay Web Hosting Promo Codes

Here are the Top 10 Website hosting services in 2015:

  1. Arvixe
  2. InMotion Hosting – 20% Discount InMotion Promo Code
  3. Just Host -
  4. Bluehost – 42% Discount BlueHost Promo Code
  5. HostGator – 55% Off HostGator Promo Code
  6. WebHostingPad
  7. GreenGeeks
  8. GoDaddy – 30% Off GoDaddy Promo code
  9. DreamHost
  10. Ipage – Free Domain at IPage Promo Code

Some hosting plans offer a free domain for one year if you purchase the annual plan.  For an example, Arvixe offers a free domain for life, and GoDaddy offers promo codes for new accounts which can help you save tremendously.  You can find GoDaddy promo codes on our site to save on new and existing services.

If you are still not sure which type of hosting needed for you website, then start small with shared web hosting.  Once you get a swing of how it all works then you can graduate to more robust packages such as VPS and dedicated hosting.  As your site grows then your hosting plan can be adjusted as well.  Make sure you check if the service provider offers a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you decide to switch to a better provider.

Addition Web Hosting Features

In the past we have learned that email is very important with having a website.  Not only is it easy for your visitors to remember, but its professional.  If you’re selling items on your site then a built-in ecommerce may be offered by these hosting sites.  If not, then Shopify would be an alternative to having an online shopping cart application.

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Buying Cheap Customized Personal Checks Online

You’ve opened a bank account and received your first book of personal checks. It’s pretty much the basic ones with the basic design – which are not that attractive. And your co-worker takes out her checks, and you saw her picture smack right in the middle of the check! Now, that isn’t boring. That’s classic. There’s nothing like saying, “I customized this check.” There’s nothing more personal than having your own picture printed on your own check.

However, it might not necessarily be your picture. If you’re not too comfortable with constantly staring at your smiling face as you issue money off your bank account, it could be someone else’s picture or a logo. What matters is that it is personal to you. It is extremely satisfying to have your own customized personal checks. It is even more satisfying if you were able to get it at a much discounted price!

personal checks

Personal Checks Introduction

Cheap personal checks are basically checks that are customized according to the owner’s’ preference. If you are fairly artistic and you like colors, it would be expected that you would like somewhat modern-looking checks with various shades of color and quite unique prints.

Nowadays, cheap personal checks are fairly common. It is one of the most common means of paying for debts, services or goods. This is not surprising since these allow for a fast and convenient flow of transactions. You don’t have to actually carry thousands of dollars with you. You can enter into transactions and close deals without passing a single actual bill to the other party. This gives a lot of security against theft. Checks can also easily pass off as receipts when the bearer presents the check to the drawee bank with the latter accepting it and eventually returning the check to the drawer.

Order Online Personal Checks

It is quite easy to order cheap personal checks online. These checks basically resemble the usual or basic bank checks that you see. However, what makes a personal check unique is the exclusive pattern, style or design that you would choose to have imprinted on the check. It could be anything else – your daughter, your dog, Celine Dion, or even Brad Pitt! You could find a lot of companies online that offer to sell cheap personal checks including top-tier checks and duplicate checks.

The one good thing about these cheap personal checks is that they also come with security features to protect you against fraud, falsification and theft. Typically, security features like micro-print and water-mark seal ensures the safety of the owner of the check.


Personal Checks at a Cheap Rate!

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to have your very own customized or personalized checks. There are a lot of online companies that are willing to produce and sell to you your personal check at a fairly competitive or cheap price. Usually, you’d save a lot of money by going directly to online printers because you do away with the middlemen who are out to profit from your check. You would be able to avoid getting charged at a much higher price that you’d be willing to pay.

However, if you really want to make sure that you’d be able to get your personal check at extremely low prices, the secret is to wait for online promos and offers wherein online companies narrow down their prices for a box of checks. You would also be able to get more discounts as you order for more personal checks. You would typically get your order within a week or so. So, if you’re considering having your face printed on your checks, you might as well scour the Internet for discounts.

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